June 7, 2023

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More than 86% with the presidential system

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Preliminary results of the National Electronic Consultation, which is preparing for a popular referendum in Tunisia, show that more than 86% want a presidential regime.

Other indicators are that Tunisians want electoral legislation that allows them to vote with a broad majority, and with the intention of withdrawing the case from voters if they break 92.2 percent of their promises.

Moreover, 75.7% of the participants expressed dissatisfaction with the performance of the judiciary and 80.7% preferred that religious affairs management should be within the state.

National consulting on the electronic site covers six axis-forming questions including politics, economics, education and development.

More than half a million people attended the conference, which ran from mid-January to March 20, 2022.

According to a roadmap issued by Tunisian President Guiz Saeed, the final outcome of the consultation will depend on defining the trends before a referendum on political and constitutional reforms is proposed on July 25, before the parliamentary elections on December 17.


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