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Morocco .. “Beauty and Madness” exhibition highlights the plight of mental health


Yunus, a former prisoner in Ward 36 of the most popular hospital, says: Mental illness In Morocco: “They carry a mix of life-speaking images and eye-catching colors, and invite you to wait to understand the details section.”

In a statement to Sky News Arabia, Eunice praised the idea of ​​the exhibition, which sheds light on the reality. Psychological diseases In Morocco, he stressed the importance of art in treating mental illness and relieving stress from everyday life.
At the “Beauty and the Beast” exhibition organized by the Ibn Rusht Psychiatric Center and Art Therapy Unit in Casablanca, psychiatrist and art therapist Bouzra Ben Yasa selected art to highlight the bright sides of the mentally ill. Taking pictures of admirable situations with the beauty she expresses and illuminating the reality of a class living far from the circle of attention.

The exhibition, which runs until June 26, seeks to open the door to a discussion about the so-called “crazy people” in the community, and to isolate and intimidate many of them against the stereotypes that plague them.

Photo exhibition idea

The “Beauty and the Madness” exhibition, according to its organizers, is an opportunity to meet with different worlds related to mental health and to explore the small details that reveal the present of the “prisoners” of the 36th Ward of Mental Illness. , Casablanca.

Not only is he a psychiatrist, but he also considers himself an artist who combines medicine and the arts. Patients By taking a photo.

The expert who met with “Sky News Arabia” at the “Junoon and Arts” exhibition added: “Through this exhibition a year ago the idea of ​​opening up the outside world by the psychiatric center was born and there was a hope that the use of the creative arts would be a great means of communication, as well as symbols, forms and photographs in photography. The investment of movements stimulates patients to express themselves and gives them the ability to understand themselves.

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Patient response

The psychologist was keen to take into account the privacy of individuals without revealing facial features in photographs taken with high technology through his lens, emphasizing that it is associated with cases of suffering from severe psychological disorders. Chronic depression, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder and other diseases.

The spokesperson also clarified that he was interested in presenting the patients in the photo gallery to the outside world in the best possible way, away from the stereotypes about the mentally ill created by the broader group of the Moroccan community associated with most patients. With manifestations of violence, weakness or decline.
Dr. Ben Yasa described the positive interactions of patients during photography sessions as a “miracle”, the confidence he had with them facilitated his work and greatly contributed to their integration into the photographic environment and facilitated his work.

The art of combating stereotypes

Dr. Benjamin seeks to express the voices of dozens of patients at the hospital center through the photo exhibition, moving the exhibition to other cities outside of Casablanca to add more Morocco to the awareness circle.

The spokesperson says that the purpose of the “Beauty and the Crazy” exhibition is to change the negative stereotypes associated with mental illness and its consequent silence and forgetfulness, and to raise awareness of its importance. Supporting patients and helping them integrate with the community after treatment at the center.

For her part, Laila Fathi, a nurse who specializes in psychiatry at the Ibn Rushd Psychiatric Center, believes that the mentally ill patient lives in some sort of allotment in the community and does not receive the attention they need.

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In a statement to “Sky News Arabia”, Laila said that the images taken after the art therapy sessions include the patient’s reality within the sensory framework, which helps the patient overcome the barriers of social relationships and provide for him. His life is a measure of hope to integrate into society and come out of its loneliness

Audience welcome to the exhibition

The “Beauty and Madness” exhibition attracted audiences, who expressed their fascination with the beauty and diversity of the images on display for “Sky News Arabia” and praised the exhibition organizers’ choice to address a long-hidden topic. From this.

Munir al-Badash, one of the audience for the exhibition, says: “It was a unique experience, and the doors of an exhibition were never opened to bring the public closer to the reality of mental illness.”

Al-Badash describes the exhibition as a bridge between society and the mentally ill, highlighting its importance in attracting the attention of a group that suffers from silence and forgetfulness.

Abd al-Rahman Polkot, who was eagerly guided to visit the place, praised the creativity of the owner of the pictures he brought after being informed about the warmth of the city by a photo exhibition integrating art and psychotherapy. The general public closer to the reality of the mentally ill in the treatment center with art that embodies many honest feelings and emotions.

Balkwood expressed his delight in hosting exhibitions that break down barriers related to social issues, which helps to change the negative thinking on the sufferers of psychological disorders and also to highlight the positive and bright face of the mentally ill through art. And creative works, which embody the superiority of beauty over madness.

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