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Most famous influencers residing in Gulf countries


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Most popular influencers in Gulf countries
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A very popular influencer in the Gulf countries

Social media stars have become very influential among new generations because they have millions of fans who are influenced by them and try to follow them in everything, and we track them through the most popular “Leadership” website in this report. Influencers in various fields residing in the Gulf countries….

The most popular influencers in the travel industry reside in the Gulf countries

Travel and traveling are one of the most important hobbies, especially from the younger generation, with a desire for adventure and exploration and visiting new countries, many influential names have emerged in the travel industry. And the most famous of them is …

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Jamal Al Ayubi

The desert has many lovers in different parts of the Arab world, the Kuwaiti young man Jamal Al-Ayobi is considered the most famous among desert travelers for nature lovers. Through his videos, he offers amazing tours, and desert lovers know the most important places they can visit.

Joe Hattab

A young Jihad Khattab, popularly known as Joe Khattab, decided to change his life to escape the routine and boredom of work. He sold his car and started traveling around the world, documenting those journeys. Because of the beautiful places he chooses carefully. And because of his focus on the rituals and customs of different countries, he has been able to grow his following on his YouTube channel to over 11 million subscribers.

Saud Al-Edi

Saudi traveler Saud Al-Eedi is considered one of the most popular influencers in the travel industry in the Gulf region. Saud has traveled to many countries and documented these journeys uniquely, apart from travel, he is also a keen mountaineer and has managed to climb many of them. He also owns a tour company that travels around the world.

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Anas Iskandar

Saudi Anas Iskandar is considered one of the brightest influencers in the travel and tourism industry not only in the Gulf region but also in the Arab world as a whole. He travels and documents various journeys, all of which bring happiness and joy to his channel’s more than 3 million subscribers.

Rahal news

Saudi traveler, Wael Al-Daqfaq, is one of the most prominent social media stars in the travel industry, especially because he has managed to visit a large number of countries, which exceeds 180 countries. Through his videos “Vale” tries to provide travel literature to all those who want to visit any country in the world for the first time. It focuses on everything that makes that country different and the most important things about its culture.

The most popular influencers in the culinary industry reside in the Gulf countries

Cooking is a part of the culture of every country and people in the world, and influential people in the Gulf region have been able to present popular dishes with a unique flavor that makes everyone love Gulf food, adding local touches to the European dishes they served. They have a lot of privacy, and are among the most famous influencers living in the Gulf countries in the culinary industry.

Ahmad Al Jameel

Ahmad Al-Jamil is passionate about presenting food content in a unique way and is fluent in camera and lighting stability in addition to his unique recipes, which has made him one of the most popular influencers in the Gulf in content creation. Although he studied computer engineering, he soon had more than 4 million followers on his Instagram page.

Wijdan Muhammad

The recipes of Wijtan Muhammad, a young Saudi Arabian woman, are considered to be one of the most popular recipes on social media platforms because of their easy and simple ways of preparing food in the fastest and most beautiful way, which made her. He has millions of followers across all his accounts on social media platforms.

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Hisham Passion

One of the elements of a content creator is his presence in addition to the ingenuity in the content he delivers, collected by Hisham Pashan, who has a sense of humor and a great sense of humor. They are related to his recipes, and he has been able to leverage this presence to offer unique cooking videos on Gulf or European cuisines.

Saudi food content creator, Hisham Bashen, is distinguished by his intelligence and gentle way of presenting his content. He is one of the most popular food bloggers in Saudi Arabia and the Arab world, and is famous for the phrase “in your heart”. , which has become his trademark..

Jamila Alenkawi

Kuwaiti chef Jamila Al-Linkawi has managed to build a wide audience among not only foodies but also kitchenware buyers. As well as cooking videos for new young women or new brides. Jamila has accounts on all social media platforms.

Mona Mosley

Mona Moseley studied cooking at the most famous places in Britain and Switzerland and worked with them for a while before returning to Riyadh and starting to showcase her skills in the kitchens of top hotels in Saudi Arabia. But her fame shifted from hotel audiences to social media audiences after she appeared to viewers as part of the judging panel of the popular cooking show Top Chef, which was shown on MBC and became a huge hit.

The most popular influencers among gamers reside in Gulf countries

Gamers fans have become one of the most important social media audiences around the world, and there is competition between many companies in this field. As for the most famous influencers residing among gamers in the Gulf countries, in this report we track down the most important ones for them..

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Saudi Banderita has an intelligence, as well as a unique visual style, that has created a large audience of game lovers in the Gulf region and the Arab world, making him one of the most important electronic game content producers in the Gulf. .

Abu Fella

When Hassan Suleiman, aka Abu Fella, lost his dream of attending university due to the economic situation, he switched fields and created a YouTube channel to broadcast content about games. His popularity increased after he started auditions to collect donations for the Arab world, especially Syrian refugees, and he was able to enter the Guinness World Record for the longest live broadcast.

Most famous influencers in the fashion industry reside in the Gulf countries

With the rapid development of everything and the spread of latest fashion on social media, there has been fierce competition among the public to get unique clothes and keep pace with the fashion, which has given fashion content producers a lot of popularity on social media platforms. , and the following are some of the most famous influencers residing in the Gulf countries in the fashion industry…

Raven bin Hussain

Kuwaiti-Jordanian Rawan Bin Hussain has many ingredients for success like his attractive looks, calm features and beautiful voice, all of which have created him a large following on social media and has made him a household name. Fashion and beauty icons.

Noah Nabil

Noha Nabil has a unique look that has made her one of the fashion icons on social media and she has more than 12 million followers through her official account on Instagram.

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