June 25, 2022

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“Pop” and “Diego” at the Millennium Theater

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Performed by the band “Strings and Beats” at the Dubai Millennium Theater Expo 2020 last evening, they entertained the audience with a variety of pop and rock music using violin and Japanese tico drums. A magical touch to an audience-recognized show.

The evening, which took place late last night, included the motto of Expo 2020 Uniting the World, which took place with the band’s violinists and drummers, performing musical voices from around the world.

A surprise

Musicians performed folk rock and pop songs to the amazement of the audience. It received applause and applause from the audience.

He was accompanied by violinist Anna Pavlova, who was originally from Belarus but now lives in Dubai, growing up in Japan with Yumi Celia, who lives in France, where he learned to play tico drums and provide complex rhythms. . The combination of strong low and fast strings resulted in a mix that captivated the audience.


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