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Motorola unveils an innovative smartphone design and paper document scanning technology


At the Lenovo Tech World 2023 conference, Motorola showcased unique innovations in smartphone design and applications of artificial intelligence. The company presented a demo model of the smartphone with a 6.9-inch flexible foldable screen and multiple uses.

The flexible design of the phone has the ability to transform it into a watch, and the functionality relies on the adaptive display technology on the screen. The screen has an amazing feature based on artificial intelligence where the user can customize the screen wallpaper according to the color of the clothes he is wearing, especially when the phone is worn as a watch.

This is done by photographing the clothes and uploading the image to the smart assistant, which creates copies of the images in the same colors as the clothes. The test model of the phone can be used in a stable vertical position on any surface, and the design is based on easy folding technology.

The bottom of the phone has a solid, flat surface, while the rest of the 4.6-inch screen is user-oriented, allowing for easy browsing of the web and apps.

In addition, Motorola released a new technology called Mobile Doc Scan that enables users to scan paper documents and convert them into digital copies. Artificial intelligence is integrated into the camera app to improve the scanning process, reduce the appearance of paper creases and shadows, and deliver clear and detailed digital copies.

Motorola is currently developing several artificial intelligence-based features for use in phones and personal computers, and plans to introduce a simple text compression feature. This feature helps you convert text conversations, long reports, web pages and emails into concise and clear formats.

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Motorola is also developing a new personal assistant called MotoAI, which uses Finite Language Modeling Technology (GBT) to provide users with an enhanced interactive experience. MotoAI uses artificial intelligence to understand commands and provide assistance with tasks such as scheduling appointments, reminding users, answering questions, providing general information, launching applications, and controlling phone systems.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Can I use my phone as a clock?

Yes, the flexible design can turn a phone into a watch.

2. Does the phone work with artificial intelligence?

Yes, the phone relies on artificial intelligence technology for details like customizing wallpapers.

3. Does the phone support paper document scanning technology?

Yes, the phone has Mobile Doc Scan technology that scans paper documents and turns them into digital copies.

4. Will there be other AI based features?

Yes, Motorola is working on improving the many advantages of using artificial intelligence in phones and personal computers, including the ability to easily summarize texts.

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