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The Gaza war is fueling an election battle in the race for the White House


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In the first major legislative move under new House Speaker Mike Johnson, Republicans released a separate additional spending bill for Israel alone, despite Biden’s request for a $106 billion package that includes aid to Israel and Ukraine, money set aside for border security, and development funding. Competition with China in Middle East.Indo-Pacific Region.

Republicans hold 221 seats in the House of Representatives compared to 212 for Democrats, but Democrats control the Senate with a majority of 51 seats compared to 49.

For the measure to become law, it would need approval by the House of Representatives and signatures of the Senate and Biden.

Election Year Accounts

Observers believe that the Gaza war and its aftermath are already casting a shadow on US election calculations, especially since the White House will be inaugurated on November 5, 2024.

Masoud Malouf, a former diplomat and expert on US affairs, told Sky News Arabia:

* Support for Israel in its various forms has traditionally been a consensus in Congress, and it’s no secret that the Israeli lobby plays an important role in tipping the balance, especially since we’re in the midst of a heated election year. The party that usually wins US presidential elections.

* That’s why Republicans are rejecting more financial and military aid to Ukraine, embarrassing Biden, and focusing on the priority of supporting Israel, while the US president tries to consolidate support for it and Ukraine. , which includes countering Chinese influence and the issue of border security with Mexico, about $105 billion, while the Republican Party insists on supporting Israel with only $14 billion.

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* Republicans want to separate support for Israel from any other issue, embarrassed if the Biden administration rejects their plan, saying Israel faces a state of war and Republicans must stand by it completely. The party is proposing an environment to boost its electoral prospects.

* Democrats believe it is a self-interested use of what’s going on with Israel and require approval of Biden’s plan as part of a coordinated package that includes support for other pressing foreign issues.

* Therefore, this matter is subject to debate and negotiation, especially since the budget approved by the end of September must be approved within a few days, and as a result of the Republican-Democratic disagreement, its passage has been postponed. For 5 weeks.

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