May 29, 2023

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Mourinho mocks Guardiola’s record with City with bold statements

Mourinho mocks Guardiola’s record with City with bold statements

Portugal’s veteran coach Jose Mourinho surprised sports fans by mocking Spain’s Pep Guardiola after Roma reached the Europa League final.

On Saturday, the Spanish newspaper “AS” quoted Jose Mourinho as saying: “Pep Guardiola does not suffer with his team (meaning Manchester City) because he has some players sitting on the bench and their price reaches 70 million euros. , while we are struggling to achieve victory”.

And he continued, comparing the situation between them, “In Rome we introduce the player to the competition after his turn. In the last transfer market we paid only 7 million euros and we reached the Europa League final, which is completely unusual. , unlike what Guardiola does, who reached the final. ” Champions, he showed off Julian Alvarez, Mahsar and Foden in the second half against Real Madrid.

According to the newspaper, Portuguese coach Jose Mourinho’s statements are a direct message to Pep Guardiola, who reached the Champions League final, unlike what happened with Roma, thanks to the millions paid by the Manchester City management in contracts. It suffers from the absence of many players. , didn’t bring in new talent this season due to injuries.

Portuguese coach Jose Mourinho’s big attack on his rival Pep Guardiola comes with the possibility of Rome facing Manchester City in the European Super Cup, the League and the Champions if we can settle the European final clashes.