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“My father called me” and “My son told me, I will take off your clothes.” Family crises trembled.



"My father called me" and "My son told me, I will take off your clothes."  Family crises trembled.

Family problems between stars and art stars and their children topped the search site trend of “Google” in 2021, and many, led by artist Rashwan Tawfiq and artist Sharifa Maher, exchanged accusations with their children via satellite channels. With the transfer of the conflict to court.

And before the case came to court, actress Sharifa Maher recently revealed that she was insulted and beaten by one of her sons, Sheriff Mahmoud Shawki.

“You take off your clothes”

In an interview with Masrawi, actress Sharifa Maher revealed the details of the crisis: “I have a husband, Mahmoud Shawki, 3 sons, two sons and a daughter, Nabila, and after my third death. Husband, squash champion Abdel Waheed Abdel Aziz, I Mr. I married the director of customs who owns Ibrahim, and I gave birth to my daughter Nevin.

He added, “My son, the sheriff, took advantage of the fact that the money for him came before anything, and I did not look good, and he would come in from time to time and sign papers and contracts, which I later found. “

And she continued, “The problem is, I got married after the father of my children, and in spite of what I gave to my eldest daughter (a stone in her heart was placed towards me), I did a lot. I gave them, my son the sheriff, more than one apartment, I Before I could even find out that he had put his hand inside the apartment I had given to “Nine”, when I confronted him and confronted him, he began to insult me. He pushed me hard and said, “I will take off your clothes.”

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Rashwan Tawfiq trial

The trial is set to begin on Friday in the Cairo Criminal Court. After attempts at reconciliation failed.

Makhti Mahran, a lawyer for artist Rashwan Tawfiq, for her part, said in a telephone interview on the show “One Last Word” that artist Rashwan Tawfiq had filed a lawsuit alleging that he confiscated a sum of money from his daughter. Nearly one million pounds, the court accepted the intervention and decided to postpone the notice, and introduced the bank into the case.

He stressed that all attempts to reconcile the talented artist and his daughter “Aiya” had failed because his daughter Aya sought the judiciary in 3 cases and sought to revoke the power of attorney granted to him: “All means of reconciliation had failed between them … and he had to resort to the judiciary”His daughter escaped.

Hala al-Turk’s mother was imprisoned

Last July, the Bahraini artist Hala al-Durk topped the communication platforms following a final ruling by a Bahraini court in a legal dispute between him and his mother. Mona KnifeIt overturned an earlier sentence of one year in prison for forcing her to return the money in the dispute for “200,000 Bahraini dinars”.

AndThe legal dispute between Hala, 19, and her Kuwaiti mother Mona al-Saber began in 2014 after her parents’ separation.

Hosam Habib attacks his father

Before announcing his official separation from singer Sherin Abdel Wahab, artist Hosam Habib talked about his son plotting against his wife after he leaked audio clips of his father Hussein Habib.

Artist New Habib, in a video clip posted on his page on Instagram, attacked his father and said, “This is not the first time this person has harmed me and I do not want anyone to feel sorry for me. Because it is very difficult for me to name what he did, what will Egypt do after it is over?

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He added: “This son of Adam” prays and destroys houses “makes no difference to me, we talk about symptoms, and he wrote my mother’s biography. He raised me, always asks me to do it, and in fact I did it until the last minute. , I asked Dina and Sharia, when the harm reaches this stage, of course not, it is enough.

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Rania Farid Shawqi prays for her mother’s recovery: O God, heal my mother and comfort her in her heartbeat.



Rania Farid Shawqi prays for her mother’s recovery: O God, heal my mother and comfort her in her heartbeat.

Vidat Khamis

Sunday, December 10, 2023 10:13 AM

The actress revealed Rania Farid Shawki About his mother’s illness, days after his sister Nahid announced the death of Farid Shawqi through his account on social networking site “Facebook”.

Rania Farid Shawqi posted a picture with a prayer for her mother’s recovery: “God, heal my mother and comfort her in heartbeat and health. Ease pain and fatigue and change well-being. Flowing through her body.” She commented on the picture: “God, heal every sick person, Lord.”

Rania Farid Shawki

Rania Farid Shawqi condoled her sister Nahid Farid Shawqi a few days ago when she posted a picture with her sister, commenting on it: “Unfortunately, we spend eternity with our loved ones. This is one of the faults of human beings, as we are used to this world and blessings go on forever. My dear sister, Nahid, I apologize to you. “Because I’m used to having you in my life. Maybe my imagination is weaker than I can imagine being separated from you.

She continued: “Perhaps the troubles of the world have taken us away, God has revealed our wisdom, and we have returned to each other’s arms, and the love we were raised and our father’s love has brought us together forever. I have forgotten that we all grow up and have a lifetime. Perhaps my big, strong, stubborn sister who knows no surrender, Her will was ironclad as she came into the world to meet you. Your strength was there.” “I promise you.”

He added: “I don’t know what I’m writing, but what I feel is bigger than any words. I still don’t understand, if someone says, ‘May God have mercy on her,’ she’s in agony lately, Dad’s movements, his way of talking, his looks, your jokes.” As I have seen in everything, Nahid said to the grandchildren who have not seen their grandfather. Look at your grandfather, it is like seeing him.

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Abbas Al-Nouri celebrates his birthday with a photo of his childhood and a message to his parents: dumb love



Abbas Al-Nouri celebrates his birthday with a photo of his childhood and a message to his parents: dumb love

They celebrate Syrian star Abbas al-Nouri On her birthday, in her own special and special way, she chose a picture from her childhood and paired it with a message to her late father and mother, with lots of thanks and love and her family.

A message on the topic of dumb love

Syrian star Abbas Al-Nouri celebrated his birthday in a different way when he posted a picture of himself from his childhood days on social networking site “Facebook” through his official account and attached it with a touching message. His late parents and his wife and children loved him for how much they celebrated this day.

And he said Abbas al-Nuri In his letter, which he attached to the photo titled The Mute Love: Every occasion about me, my (small) family… remembered me, celebrated me, with them. Because I’m not used to the way I used to be, I don’t remember, feelings overwhelm me at every opportunity, ringing alarm bells for me, he fought so hard to express me, nothing but confusion came out of me because my occasions didn’t match what I grew up with. I became a prisoner of their happiness and clung to their happiness because it loves me. , this is what I should feel, on the contrary, some people’s need turned into a dream… Every year my age and days change, I grow old… And every year the question arises in me. Growing, piling up, drowning in my mind and memory… I have never known or remembered a day when we had the pleasure of gathering together in my family’s home on an occasion that belonged to one of them.

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His parents’ birthdays were only known when their obituaries were printed

he added Abbas al-Nuri“I didn’t know my father’s birthday until the day his obituary was printed. Similarly, my mother (may God have mercy on her) in the past also…doesn’t remember anything except plucking a fly and waiting to escape. Without thanking anyone, in our own way, on traditional holidays celebrated by all the community, without me thanking, without believing, without understanding the occasion.. my father bought me all the necessities of childhood. , who was young, educated, and troubled, he is still supporting me with the determination he passed on to me in his love for work. He considered work as a prayer, as if there is no value without work, there is no value. To pray without work.. And my mother filled me with more fear. During my days, I found out that every morning she trusted only me and sent me a code and no one else.

Rest in peace… Happy New Year

Al-Nuri continued in his letter: Their love reached me in the clearest form possible, and in the last days of their lives, my true concern was to thank them for the extreme clarity they showed in loving me, and to worship everyone. (Mute) But that love that lived in its loud voice… To my father and mother in heaven I still grow. Still work.

My little family is still laboring in love and attaining it every morning, and the kiss of my prayers will be your value, so be sure to rest. Happy New Year.

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Scores of colleagues, fans and followers of Syrian star Abbas Al-Noori interacted with the photo and touching message to join his family in wishing him long life, health and happiness. Late parenting.

For more info.. Raneem, the daughter of artist Abbas Al-Noori, announces her separation from her husband… and it’s just what she asked for.

Arrival at “Jam Al-Sal”.

On the other hand, at the artistic level, it is given to the Syrian star Abbas al-Nuri Currently on MBC serial channel “Ease Jam” It again gets high follow-up rates and the series is written by Ali Moin Saleh and directed by Rasha Sharbadji. Al-Noori plays the role of “Sheikh Malek” in the series, where he plays the lead opposite the all-star Amal Arafa. , Mahmoud Nasr, Khaled Al-Kish, Hassan Khalil et al.

This is the second show of the series after its premiere during the Ramadan 2023 drama season on MBC and Shahid platform, during which the work was a huge success.

For more details.. Is there a second part of “Jam Al-Eez” series?

Is he participating in the Arabic series?

As for his upcoming participations, Syrian star Abbas Al-Nouri is likely to join the main role in the Arabic version of the Turkish series “The Forbidden Apples”, as preparations are underway for filming with the participation of a group. Syrian and Lebanese stars, while Al-Nuri’s participation in the series was not decided once.

It is also not announced Abbas al-Nuri Guppa about his participation in the drama season of Ramadan 2024 until now, when he acted in the third season of the series “Haret Al- while he participated in the previous season of the series “Maraba Al-Ezz” and two works directed by Rasha Sharbadji.

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The Cultural Fund is the official sponsor of the Red Sea International Film Festival in its third edition



The Cultural Fund is the official sponsor of the Red Sea International Film Festival in its third edition

The Red Sea International Film Festival has announced that it has entered into a strategic partnership with the Cultural Fund as its official sponsor for its third session in 2023. This partnership comes as an extension of the Red Sea International Film Festival’s commitment to supporting talent. Cinema industry, promoting creativity and pushing the Saudi film industry into the global cinema scene. The two parties seek to spark a cultural revolution by diversifying the sector’s incentives, confirming the objectives of the Cultural Fund, which aims to promote the contribution of non-profit organizations to the growth and development of the Saudi film industry. Helping the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia achieve its vision and become a regional hub for the film industry.

In this year’s edition, the Culture Fund participates in various festival activities, starting with its own stage participation in the Red Sea International Film Festival Market, through which it interacts with local, regional and international filmmakers and organizes special lunches. It provided elite filmmakers and local and international companies with all the means to participate in networking sessions. Within the Red Sea 360 project, the Cultural Fund exchanged knowledge and experience on the needs of the Saudi cinema sector, the financial instruments it offers to the sector. , and its mechanism of collaboration with other governmental and non-governmental organizations to meet these needs.

It mentions; The Cultural Development Fund was established with the objective of implementing the sixteen cultural sectors identified within the National Cultural Strategy, including films. With this funding, the Fund confirms its firm support for the Saudi film industry and reflects its commitment to developing the entire industry and improving the quality of life in Saudi Arabia.

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This strategic partnership provides a great platform to interact with professionals and experts and introduce them to the comprehensive funding packages it offers.Earlier this year, the fund launched one of the largest funding schemes dedicated to the film industry. The festival regularly gathers a collection of the best works produced by Arab and international cinema, thus providing a platform for both filmmakers and actors to showcase their work and talents.

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