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“My father called me” and “My son told me, I will take off your clothes.” Family crises trembled.


Family problems between stars and art stars and their children topped the search site trend of “Google” in 2021, and many, led by artist Rashwan Tawfiq and artist Sharifa Maher, exchanged accusations with their children via satellite channels. With the transfer of the conflict to court.

And before the case came to court, actress Sharifa Maher recently revealed that she was insulted and beaten by one of her sons, Sheriff Mahmoud Shawki.

“You take off your clothes”

In an interview with Masrawi, actress Sharifa Maher revealed the details of the crisis: “I have a husband, Mahmoud Shawki, 3 sons, two sons and a daughter, Nabila, and after my third death. Husband, squash champion Abdel Waheed Abdel Aziz, I Mr. I married the director of customs who owns Ibrahim, and I gave birth to my daughter Nevin.

He added, “My son, the sheriff, took advantage of the fact that the money for him came before anything, and I did not look good, and he would come in from time to time and sign papers and contracts, which I later found. “

And she continued, “The problem is, I got married after the father of my children, and in spite of what I gave to my eldest daughter (a stone in her heart was placed towards me), I did a lot. I gave them, my son the sheriff, more than one apartment, I Before I could even find out that he had put his hand inside the apartment I had given to “Nine”, when I confronted him and confronted him, he began to insult me. He pushed me hard and said, “I will take off your clothes.”

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Rashwan Tawfiq trial

The trial is set to begin on Friday in the Cairo Criminal Court. After attempts at reconciliation failed.

Makhti Mahran, a lawyer for artist Rashwan Tawfiq, for her part, said in a telephone interview on the show “One Last Word” that artist Rashwan Tawfiq had filed a lawsuit alleging that he confiscated a sum of money from his daughter. Nearly one million pounds, the court accepted the intervention and decided to postpone the notice, and introduced the bank into the case.

He stressed that all attempts to reconcile the talented artist and his daughter “Aiya” had failed because his daughter Aya sought the judiciary in 3 cases and sought to revoke the power of attorney granted to him: “All means of reconciliation had failed between them … and he had to resort to the judiciary”His daughter escaped.

Hala al-Turk’s mother was imprisoned

Last July, the Bahraini artist Hala al-Durk topped the communication platforms following a final ruling by a Bahraini court in a legal dispute between him and his mother. Mona KnifeIt overturned an earlier sentence of one year in prison for forcing her to return the money in the dispute for “200,000 Bahraini dinars”.

AndThe legal dispute between Hala, 19, and her Kuwaiti mother Mona al-Saber began in 2014 after her parents’ separation.

Hosam Habib attacks his father

Before announcing his official separation from singer Sherin Abdel Wahab, artist Hosam Habib talked about his son plotting against his wife after he leaked audio clips of his father Hussein Habib.

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Artist New Habib, in a video clip posted on his page on Instagram, attacked his father and said, “This is not the first time this person has harmed me and I do not want anyone to feel sorry for me. Because it is very difficult for me to name what he did, what will Egypt do after it is over?

He added: “This son of Adam” prays and destroys houses “makes no difference to me, we talk about symptoms, and he wrote my mother’s biography. He raised me, always asks me to do it, and in fact I did it until the last minute. , I asked Dina and Sharia, when the harm reaches this stage, of course not, it is enough.

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