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Nadine Nasib Enzyme: The series “Zahra Saloon” belongs to black comedy


Nasib confirmed: “Zahra and the women who work in the salon with her are exposed to fun situations, human and social dimensions, and the environment of this young woman and her father (Nicholas Daniel), her sister (Anju Rihan) and her husband (Fodi Abi Samra), why we We understand that we see her as a rebel, and more brutal, and she learns why she did not marry, and we find reasons for her resistance to protecting women.

Nadi explains, “Zahra is like the simple people we meet every day in our lives, and she tries to create a craft to earn a living, but she has red lines that no one can forbid to cross, her answer is always present, she is not afraid of anyone, she is responsible for herself Even assuming, she firmly believes that if she can’t defend herself, she won’t find anyone who can do the job.

He notes, “Many years ago I was thinking of a similar project with producer Sadiq al-Sabah, where I expected a character similar to ordinary people, with events that take place in a women’s salon, to be unemployed. Humor, but until today I decided to implement it. We do not see time and text. “Whether the character is always alone with repetitive phrases, she rushes to answer,” It uses a dictionary of phrases. “

Regarding his relationship with Mudassem al-Nahar, he says: “Anas enters the neighborhood under certain circumstances. When he meets Zahra, one of them realizes some other incomprehensible feelings, and we see how the features of this relationship change.” Speaking about giving a series of less than 30 episodes, he says, “The story can sometimes not endure 30 episodes. In fact I prefer a series that is no more than 10 or 15 episodes and delivered within the season.”

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The series “Zahra Saloon” was written by Nadi Jaber, directed by Joe Boyd, and starred Nadine Nasib Enzyme, Modasem Al-Nahar, Tony Isa, Fadi Abi Samra, Junaid Jain El-Din, Nahla Dawood, Carol Abbott. , Gina McGee, Lynn Kara, Rasha Bilal, Anju. Rihan, Hussein Mogadam, Ali Sugar, Nicholas Daniel, Omar Mikadi, Novel Kamal, Maggie Mashmoshi, Najim Isa, Samara Nohra, George Diab, Hisham Abu Sulaiman c. Yusuf et al.

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