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Nador: Laboratory of Molecular Chemistry: Materials and Environment organizes the third edition of the International Science Forum: “Properties and Applications of Materials”



My day witnessed the rehabilitation of the Polydisciplinary College at Nador25 And26 Water 2023 Starting at nine in the morning, the International Science Forum, in its third edition, approx Material properties and applications(Materials, properties and uses)Organizing Committee Laboratory of Molecular Chemistry, Materials and Environment (LCM2E) The work of this scientific forum is dedicated to presenting and discussing various latest researches Ato doMaterials and their uses.”

In his opening speech, Prof. Ali Asti Moussa, Dean of the Multidisciplinary Faculty of Nador, expressed the importance of the forum, considering the importance of the conference theme related to the uniqueness of the region. The Laboratory of Molecular Chemistry, Materials and Environment aims to raise the value and quality of scientific research, especially in the area of ​​materials.

Later, Prof. Mohamed Abu Salameh, coordinator of the forum, vice dean of the Nador Faculty responsible for scientific research and collaboration and director of the Molecular Chemistry Laboratory, gave an address.: materials and the environment, Nador College,Welcome to his intervention to all the participants of this forum, and university professors who give valuable and important presentations in the field. Materials and their usesA special mention was given to Professor Pascal Marchi (Pascal Marchet) Professor Youssef Al-Hafyan, Research Professor at the University of Limoges, France, and Professor Rabah Bukroub, Research Professor at the University of Lille, France, Professor Amin Khalil, a research professor at Argonne National Laboratory in the United States, Ibrahim Al-Wadi, a research professor at Mohammed V University in Rabat, and Professor Abdel-Rahman Al-Idrisi and Professor Al-Qadir Garibi are two. Professors of the Faculty of Science at Mohammed I University in Oujda.. He also thanked the organizing committee members for preparing well for this forum.

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And after reminding him Regarding the topic of the forum and its objectives, Muhammad Abu Salama pointed out in print materialsConsidered one of the most important areas of interest in the lab he runs, the forum is a place to exchange experiences and expertise in the field. materialsOpportunity to present new researches in this field and come up with proposals and recommendations to increase the yield and quality of scientific research at the national level and particularly at Nador College.. and concluded bThanks to all the participants and contributors of this International Science Forum, especially the Deanship of Nador College.

In his speech, the Head of the Department of Chemistry Prof. Muhammad Karawa gave an overview of the most important milestones and achievements related to the academic aspect and the field of scientific research achieved by the Department of Chemistry since its inception in the college. Today, the forum’s title indicates that it corresponds to the uniqueness of the region, which is rich in natural merits in the field of materials. (Meaning)

The conference was packed with valuable presentations by university professors who have accumulated great experience in the field. materials“. Also, valuable interventions by the participants in this scientific forum and presentations of various researches carried out in this field and various scientific studies presented by doctors and student researchers were seen in the form of presentations and wall posters..

The Science Forum was marked by honoring Prof. Mohamed Kruwa, an accomplished and well-behaved Professor, Research Professor, Polydisciplinary College, Natur, on his retirement at the end of the 2022-2023 academic session. He owes much to the establishment and creation of dynamism within the field of chemistry, notably in the creation of a master’s degree in “materials” and a laboratory for molecular chemistry, materials and the environment.

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