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The signs of the bell will inevitably appear.. 4 very beautiful women arrested for indecency pasting the logo at a health club in Akusa! (shocking details)


If you want to get out of the mood, be cool, beautiful and forget yourself without feeling the heat of summer, now it is possible with the hands of practitioners and experts in the world of massage and sauna, we let you in. A completely different world, which is part of the advertisements spread in some media and social networks, but in fact they are only an easy way to get involved in prostitution networks,

One of the most important back doors to the world of pimps, counterfeiting and sexual harassment. “Al-Tahrir” previously opened a file of back doors through a series of investigations, and now it exposes more of the world’s blue smoke and taboo mentality.

Health club and gym collection centers, many of these have become a means of preying, trapping women and people together at night, tainting innocent people and ensnaring them in a cycle of extortion.

The £1,000-an-hour is the latest case of ethical networks within health clubs, which collapsed last Tuesday, under the supervision of Major General Reda al-Omda, director of public administration investigations, in Giza’s Ethics of Public Administration. To arrest 4 girls who were practicing as assistants at a health club in Agosa.

Investigations and inquiries by the department’s detectives under the supervision of Director General Directorate of Literary Investigations, Brigadier General Tariq Hamzah, revealed that the accused were working as paraplegics on an hourly rate, and £20,000 was seized from them. , and was found to be a thousand pounds an hour. INQUIRIES AND INQUIRIES The incident began with information received by the management that there were girls involved in subpar training at a health club in Akosa area.

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Health clubs are available throughout the day, and sports equipment is at least one facility in physical therapy and under the supervision of a qualified trainer and student, and the trainer has a grade.

Within the licensing requirements, there must be a separation between the sexes, such that only a man massages a man and a woman massages the same, which emphasizes the separation between the sexes and the absence of one of the opposite sex. .

The journey of finding girls to work in clubs This step is considered one of the most important because of the difficulty of getting “night girls” to work in health clubs.

The beginning is an ad in classifieds newspapers and social networking sites, and the text of the ad reads, “An organization announces …. for fitness and massage, he expresses the needs of women to join a new branch of his work group, and they must be beautiful, fit and active.

In the “interview”, divorced women, widows and runaways from their families are selected and liquidated among them, good looks and beautiful bodies are preferred, apart from being divorced or widowed, and they are desired. With big money and little effort, “they are not a network for prostitution, but a health club.” For massage, we are a little more open and under the direction of the client.”

In Made in China, one of the biggest cases seized by the General Administration of Moral Investigations, a gang of seven Chinese, six women and one man came to Egypt not to buy and sell, but to invest in something else. The bodies of these Chinese women engaged in prostitution, the leader of this network said it was running a health club, but behind closed doors was something else revealed by Cairo etiquette detectives, which is new and exciting in this case , all of whose members are foreigners.

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A defense source from the Public Administration’s ethics investigations said 99% of health clubs were brothels and most workers were registered prostitutes. “Cylinders” loaded with videos were invented to explain and clarify how to do vise exercises with massage and how to excite and climax clients.

The security source explains that most health centers are divided into rooms with beds for the training of the assistant in exchange for an agreed amount before the training process, which ranges from 300 to 1000 pounds. Customer.

As he pointed out that a health club was busted in Toki 6 months ago and was staffed by 10 people, the security source confirmed that the ethics department is monitoring suspicious clubs and carrying out periodic trolling campaigns against them. Chinese girls, after a while the same club resumed operation and many more were used. Among the Chinese girls, it was raided and the people inside were arrested and closed again.

Some of the accused went to remote places and set up health clubs considering themselves far away from the sight of the security forces, some of whom were monitored and subjected to searches, while appealing to girls. Investigate health clubs thoroughly before dealing and report suspicious activity immediately.

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