March 23, 2023

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Nahyan bin Mubarak attended the "Expo" in celebration of his National Day in Iraq

Nahyan bin Mubarak attended the “Expo” in celebration of his National Day in Iraq

Dubai (WAM)

His Excellency Sheikh Nahyan bin Mubarak Al Nahyan, Minister of Tolerance and Coexistence, Expo 2020 Dubai Commissioner General, Republic of Iraq celebrated its National Day and witnessed the centenary of the Government of Iraq in Expo 2020 Dubai. The ceremony was attended by a high-level Iraqi delegation led by the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, His Excellency Dr. Ali Abdel Amir Allawi, Dr. Saleh al-Tamimi, Deputy Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, Muzaffar Mustafa Al-Juburi, Iraq’s Ambassador to the Nation, and representatives of various organizations and organizations affiliated with the Iraqi government and the private sector. The ceremony began with the playing of the national anthems of the United Arab Emirates and the Republic of Iraq. Celebratory performances featured Iraqi folk tales in Al-Wasl Square, including pieces of music and dances that reflect the ancient civilization of Mesopotamia. Founded in 1971, the National Iraqi Folklore Group has won numerous awards at Arab and international festivals, presenting a program inspired by Iraqi folklore and folklore. His Excellency Sheikh Nahyan bin Mubarak Al Nahyan welcomed the Iraqi delegation, saying that Iraq’s rich history and culture have inspired artists, writers and innovators from around the world. He praised his superiority for the uniquely designed Iraqi pavilion derived from Iraqi art and culture. He said: “We are proud of the participation of the Republic of Iraq in this global gathering, with a glorious pavilion that carries with it a deep cultural heritage and a bright future. The wheel and the writing and the law were presented to the world and the production of the oldest human literature was created. ” He added: “We hope that our close relationship with fraternal Iraq will benefit the people of our two countries, as well as the people of the Arab and Islamic worlds as a whole. That is why the United Arab Emirates has decided to invest about three billion dollars this year in areas of social development and economic relations improvement, and the government is seeking to increase the volume of trade transactions in the Republic of Iraq to more than fourteen billion. Dollars in 2020. We therefore welcome the implementation of the Business Council Emirati-Iraqi role to play a key role in strengthening the framework for joint action. Hon’ble Dr. Ali Allawi said: “Participating in Expo 2020 Dubai offers many opportunities to benefit from the latest developments, especially in the fields of science, technology and artificial intelligence, which opens new doors in the business world. In terms of education, as well as talent and entrepreneurship. ” . He added: “We thank the United Arab Emirates for this kind of invitation and we appreciate the level of organization and hospitality at Expo 2020 Dubai. This international event represents an important initiative that disseminates the knowledge we need, eliminates the feeling of frustration at this point, and stimulates further progress in our region. Singer-songwriter and composer Hadem al-Iraqi will witness the return to Expo 2020 to revive another concert on the Jubilee stage, following which Iraqi-Moroccan singer Shada Hassan will be called “Bint al-Rafidin”. To entertain the audience by selecting his well known songs. The Iraq Pavilion, located in the area of ​​opportunities, embodies the country’s significant history and its decisive role in establishing modern civilization, and its ambition to play a fundamental role in the development and progress of the world.

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