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Today’s technology – Death Stranding 2 is in talks between Kojima and Sony


Today’s Technology News Today – Death Stranding 2 is in talks between Kojima and Sony. Source of news – Arabs are in talks between Kojima and Sony with news details today:

Today’s News – Washington – Today’s Arabic

Despite rumors linking to the name of Japanese director Hideo Kojima, none of the other rumors about the Xbox exclusive game with Microsoft, and his direct relationship with the controversial Blue Box game studio and Silent Hill work, have come true. So far from them, recently, Kojima Productions has been working on Death Stranding 2, which may already be in development!

The talented hero and actor who played Sam in Death Straining Norman Reeds recently spoke to reporters during a roundtable session, and the talk was mainly about the eleventh season of The Walking Dead series where he said he was doing a second round of death. Are. Kojima on the right, normal rheumatism on the left

But he’s too vague to mention the director’s cut version, which is an upcoming extension of the game, however if he thinks about it, he was definitely wrong at one point, i.e. the PlayStation 4 and the next extension 5 are not under negotiation because it has passed, and the stage is already set for the second part The accuracy of his statements regarding the feasibility of working is questionable, and neither Hideo Kojima nor the actor commented on the reports and their credibility.

It is worth noting that this game, which can predict future Death Stranding, has sold more than five million copies worldwide, and it is a game that has a deeply complex story that will make you feel lost, but never lose yourself, it is fitting that it is a novel in its entirety The whole science fiction, classic cinematography, catchy music, exotic world depends on its exotic environment and innovative gameplay. Communicate with each other by connecting worlds with a completely different concept.

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