January 31, 2023

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NASA plans to explore 16 psychological asteroids

NASA plans to explore 16 psychological asteroids

Looking forward NASA To view Asteroid Close is large enough Gold To make every person on earth a millionaire, try to determine his appearance.

The U.S. space agency plans to launch a voyage to Psych 16 in 2022 to explore its origins The Solar System.

Psychology discovered in the late nineteenth century that it was located between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter and was made of solid metal, and in addition to gold, the large piece is believed to have been filled with piles of platinum, iron and nickel.

Psyche’s various minerals are estimated to be worth $ 10,000 quadrillion, meaning that if he were “induced” to visit Earth, it would destroy commodity prices and plunge the world economy to £ 59.5 trillion.

A senior miner recently noted that Psyche 16 has the potential to wreak havoc on Earth.

Scott Moore, chairman of Euro Sun Mining, said the large amount of gold in the asteroid could be catastrophic for the gold industry.

NASA will begin exploration of the asteroid in August 2022, which will be called the expedition, and it will reach Psych 16 in 2026, and the US space agency will operate the aircraft for scientific purposes and does not plan to conduct anything in the mine.

Over a period of 21 months in orbit, the spacecraft will map and study the properties of the Cyclic 16 using a multispectral imager, gamma neutron spectrometer, magnetometer and radio (gravimetric) instrument.

Among other things, the purpose is to determine whether the psyche is actually the center of a planetary scale object.

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NASA believes 16 Psych is a survivor of violent planetary collisions that are common during the formation of the solar system, i.e. how Earth’s cores and other “terrestrial” planets formed.