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A woman MP who commissioned her children to kill Arabs and the world – the world.


The lower house of the Brazilian Congress voted Wednesday to oust one of its key members after judicial officials blamed her husband’s murder.

437 delegates voted 7, with Flatellus dos Santos, an evangelical church artist, and clergyman expelled from parliament.

“There is no doubt that Ms. Floridelis was involved in the assassination,” said Representative Alexander Leid, a spokesman for the prosecution.

Fladelஸ்s dos Santos, 60, was famous for adopting dozens of street children from poor areas in Rio de Janeiro, and she and her husband, the Reverend Anderson do Carmo, were a key partner in the evangelical Christian movement in Brazil. Died in June 2019 at their wedding home. Niteroi, a suburb of Rio de Janeiro.

In August last year, Dos Santos was charged by state prosecutors with “plotting to assassinate, recruiting (his many children) and attempting to make it look like an armed robbery.”

Investigators say Flavio dos Santos Rodriguez, the biological son of Fladios, shot and killed one of the couple’s adopted children, Lucas Caesar dos Santos, with a pistol he bought.

The couple’s other five sons and one of their granddaughters were also charged in connection with the murder.

Prosecutors point out that the 42-year-old victim, Do Carmo, is suspected of having seized the couple’s financial income, which he managed “under strict control”.

Dos Santos, who attended the trial, told his colleagues that she was innocent, “When the court acquits me, you will regret the sentence of someone who has not yet been tried.”

Flotellus dose Santos has not yet been arrested because of her immunity, but she is obliged to wear an electronic ankle bracelet.

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Born in a slum in Rio, Dos Santos was elected in 2018 to the House of Representatives of the Conservative Social Democrats.


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