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Nasr El-Din Youbi .. only Morocco among the best researchers in the field of earth science in the 2022 edition | Science


Nasser L-Din UB is currently the director of the “Lithosperic Dynamics and Resource Formation” (DLGR) Laboratory, where he and his postgraduate and doctoral students focus on developing research on volcanic, reef and earth history.

In the latest rankings released by the leading educational site “Research” (Research), Morocco conquered the world Nazareth U.P. While ranked 4231st globally in the 2022 edition, it ranks first in Morocco as the best scientist in the field of Earth science.

The “Research” site said it had reclassified the classification based on scientific publications and quotes collected on December 6, 2021; A comprehensive study of 166,880 scientists in the field of earth sciences was conducted.

Moroccan scientist Nasser El-Din Yub has been a research professor of geology at the Semlalia Faculty of Science at the Gadi Ayat University in Marrakesh since 1987, where he received his state doctorate in volcanic and geochemical in 1998.

He also served as Head of the Department of Geography at the same college from 2014 to 2017, and has been an expert and French expert on the scientific committees of the National Center for Scientific Research (CNRST) in Rabat since 2008. Moroccan Joint Committee on the Research Project “Hubert Kurian Double”.

Scientist Nasr El-Din Ubi is a research professor in the field of geography at Qadi Ayyat University in Marrakesh (al-Jazeera).

New international rankings

Professor Nasr El-Din Yubi said in an interview with Al-Jazeera Net on the occasion of his new classification, “This arrangement, provided by the research site and previous classifications, is the culmination of a career I am very proud of. And to finance the analysis, it’s really hard to be a geologist, to publish a well – developed article in the field of geology in a tabloid journal. “

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The research site’s ranking system is rated using the H-index, a code developed by physicist George Hirsch in 2005 that indicates the impact of a researcher’s publications.

During a seminar hosted by Professor Nasr El-Din UP at the University of California Riverside (Al-Jazeera) in October 2021

Index scores are collected by Microsoft Academic, Web of Science, Google Scholar and Scopus. There is an index of at least 30 for scientific articles published in the field of earth science.

Professor Nasr L-Din UB explains the importance of the H-code, “The code takes into account the number of publications of a researcher and the number of his citations, and is highly requested in the context of project submissions or research evaluations.”

Former National Ranking

In 2014, Moroccan scientist Nasr El-Din UB topped the list of “Top 15” Moroccan researchers, which were the most effective in terms of publications in the field of Earth and cosmology over a period of 15 years (2014) and 5 years (2010-2014)).

This classification was developed by the Moroccan Institute for Scientific and Technical Information (IMIST) of the National Center for Scientific Research (CNRST) in Rabat based on the Scopus database.

Professor Nasr El-Din Yub is engaged in field geological research work in the Anti-Atlas (Al-Jazeera) next to the silver mine.

In 2019, UP was awarded the Excellence Award, which is given to the best Moroccan researchers who have distinguished themselves by the quality and quantity of their scientific product listed by the Clarivate Laboratories – the “Web of Science Group” for the past 5 years. 2014-2018). He received the award on July 3, 2019 at the “Research Special Day” event held at the National Center for Scientific Research (CNRST) headquarters in Rabat.

Job focuses his research mainly on the major volcanic provinces or “LIPs” (LIPs) and pre-Cambrian period geography, such as Morocco, Portugal and the Central Atlantic Rocky Province (CAMP) in the United States. Atlas resistance, volcanic activity in Morocco Sahara and northern Mauritania and in various geographical periods.

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In addition to his research work, Professor Yobi has directed and directed several PhD dissertations in the fields of volcanology, geochemistry and geology in Morocco and abroad (USA, France, Italy and Portugal).

Scientific Production and Scholarship

Professor Nasser L-Din UB, the most famous of the “Nature Communications” and “Geology” published by the American Geographical Society and “Geology”, claims to have held 142 scientific publications so far in several coding science journals. Other specialized scientific periodicals.

Professor Nasr El-Din Yubi is engaged in field research with his students in the anti-Atlas area (al-Jazeera) near the city of Talioin.

In addition, Job received numerous grants for field research in many countries, including Brazil, Spain, France, Italy, Portugal, as well as India, Russia, and the United States.

UB is currently the Director of the “Lithosphere Dynamics and Resource Formation” (DLGR) Laboratory, where he focuses on postgraduate and doctoral students focusing on the development of research on volcanic, rock and earth history, and in partnership with the French Geological Service (BRGM). ) In the framework of the National Plan for Geographical Map (PNCG) in Morocco.

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