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Necessity of science for development of arts Abdul Latif al-Zubaidi


Can the arts flourish without science? So why is it that so many art practitioners in the Arab world are under the illusion that art is only a skill? But if artists find it difficult to wake up from their slumber, those who oversee culture must create parallel art edifices that look as if they are imaginary and unreal, and create rules worthy of true art. .

Problems are simple, don’t complicate them. We give a good example of watching films with gigantic dimensions and scales, not just for the amazing amazement: can a film director create something like “Interstellar” (Interstellar) without astrophysics? At this level, a unified system for creativity: winged imagination arising from the knowledge of scientific literature, respect for expertise by providing scientific aspects to the best scientist in the field, knowledge of the best technologies and techniques, intelligence and ambition for unique universality.

Lack of limited resources and financial resources is not insurmountable because it is an administrative problem, and the public is not responsible for it, not universal art. If creativity were at its peak, if the arts had a collective mission in the Arab world, the famous proverb “the group carried the feathers” would have been fulfilled, and “the hand of God would have been with the group.” Producers are not the first to lay the foundation for creativity, and undoubtedly this rising project is the greatest means of persuading capital owners to invest and receive generous returns and reputation. Instead, producers are rushing to cheap solutions, creativity-free enthusiasm, which is a provocation to communities during the holy month. Producers have been insisting for decades to make it a festival for serials. values. These contradictions are practiced in the name of art for the sake of art and freedom of expression. With clever humor, you might ask: How do most Arab countries rank on the list of global freedom of expression?

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Musicians must realize that it is impossible, present and future, to create serious, knowledgeable music based on a mere knowledge of Mahamat. The past is past, but Arabic music continues to circulate in a circle defined like a ring, which is song. Except for a few, the Arabs today have no musical science, no scientific research and investigations, no advanced academic training, no development creativity with a knowledgeable professional. It is worrying that the Arab land is no longer producing musical masters, so when will we achieve musicality? And the speculators who have prided themselves on poetry for centuries no longer have the forerunners of poetry or the ability to write catchy lyrics.

Necessary: ​​Necessary Conclusion: Efforts of scientific research centers are needed to study these problems and retrograde delusions.

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