March 30, 2023

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هشام عاشور ونيللي كريم

Nelly Kareem is having fun with her husband in Russian … What did she tell him? (Video) | News

Actress Nellie Kareem has sent a special message in Russian to her husband Hisham Ashour.

This happened when she was a guest with her husband on the show “Ramadan Nights” hosted by Ilham Ali and Khalid Chakra on mbc 1.

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Nelly Kareem flirted with her husband and sent her message in Russian, after which she translated the words: I thank you so much and I love you.

Hisham Ashur and Nelly Kareem

During the meeting, Nelly Kareem revealed her rituals during Ramadan and recalled waiting for Eid to come to Eid in her childhood: I was waiting for Eid to come to pick up Eid. I collected. 50 lbs.

She wants to follow Fawazir and Night of the Thousand and One, and since her name is Nellie, they will always say to her, “You Fawzir salesman Nellie” and, incidentally, the first job she appeared in was Fawzir.

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Nellie Kareem is reportedly set to star in “Fatan Amal Harbi” series, written by Ibrahim Isa and directed by Mando al-Adl, along with Sharif Salamah, Mohammed al-Sharnoubi, Khalid Sarhan, Mohammed Darwat, Hala Zedki, and Fadia Abdel Ghani. Produced by Al-Adl Group.


The series “Faten Amal Harbi” will be shown on the cbc channel at 7:35 pm and will be rebroadcast after 12:40 am and 10:15 am.

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