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Netflix is ​​launching a series of video games for subscribers around the world



On Tuesday, Netflix launched a series of video games for its customers worldwide, these games are for subscribers in Poland, Spain and Italy only. Through this move, the American broadcasting company seeks to invest in the gaming market, the value of which exceeds $ 300 billion.

The committee announced Netflix The streaming company on Tuesday announced the launch of a series of video games for its subscribers around the world.

This step reflects the efforts of the American network to diversify its products and invest in the highly profitable video game market.

The two games offered by the network were inspired by the world of the science fiction horror series “Stranger Things”, while the remaining three games “Shooting Hops”, “Card Blast” and “Teater Up” are card games or levitation. .

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These games are available weekly to Netflix subscribers in Poland, Spain and Italy. And subscribers around the world who offer tablets or smartphones running on Google Group’s Android operating system can download games for free from their devices and play without ads.

While it has not announced whether Apple wants to release these games on iOS devices, it has indicated its intention to introduce additional games soon.

In light of the intensity of competition in the streaming industry with the introduction of competing sites such as HBO Max and Peacock TV, Netflix has been promoting its ambitions in the video games industry for months.

In addition to its direct competitors such as Disney Plus, US Group managers often speak of YouTube and video and communication sites as competitors in a diverse market.

In September, Netflix acquired its first video game studio, Knightschool Studios, a California-based startup that launched the action thriller game Actionfree. To oversee its video game activities, it signed a deal last summer with “Electronic Arts” and Mike Verto, who previously worked at Facebook.

The global video game market is worth more than $ 300 billion, according to figures released by Accenture in April.

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