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New and Cheap iPhone SE 3 – Mashi – Technology and Mobile News Leaks


Sources close to the US company “Apple” have revealed that the new iPhone will be announced at a cheaper price.

It comes ahead of the much-anticipated “Apple” event on March 8, and the technology company will hold a new event next Tuesday, which the company calls the “Peak Performance”, which is set to take place at 10 p.m. California time in the morning (Mecca time is nine o’clock in the evening). Al Mukarrama).

The main product of the rumors event linked to sources close to the US company is the new iPhone SE, which is a smartphone aimed at budget buyers.

But naming the event “Pick Performance” shows that there are other products other than smartphones, perhaps with the intention of promoting the installation of more powerful chips on Macs.

Experts expect the technology company to release a new “cheaper” iPhone, the updated Mac and the updated iPod Air.

The new iPhone will be one of the cheaper SE variants, which does not currently have the “fifth generation” (5G) option, as Apple only began offering the fifth generation phones in 2020 with the “iPhone 12” (iPhone 12) release.

Rumor has it that the new phone will cost just $ 299 and the old iPhone SE will drop to $ 199. First launched in 2016, the iPhone SE is designed to be a cheaper option that works in conjunction with the iPhone 6. Since then, the phone has proven its popularity, so Apple brought it back into production in 2020.

I was expecting the storage capacity of the iPhone SE3 to be 64, 128 and 256 GB versions and also available in 3 colors: white, lion and red, and it will integrate the “A15” processor.

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Mark Gorman, a Bloomberg journalist and long-known Apple News leaker, confirms that the “iPhone SE3” is coming, and predicts that this phone will be released in March or next April. Korman says his sources do not explicitly confirm that the device will be called “iPhone SE3”, its operating system is iOS 15.4.

In the same context as Apple, “Apple’s release in 2022 (iPhone 14) will be followed by a number of media leaks, revealing that this device will be completely different from all previous versions and closer to the iPhone 13. Design, memory and capabilities.

According to the “Mac Rumors” website, which specializes in tech news, the “iPhone 14 Pro” will have 8GB of memory, which makes it a competitor to the Galaxy 22, which has the same amount of memory and RAM. ) Always available on iPhone.

Although the “Tom’s Guide” website claims that the iPhone 14 may come with a completely different design from its predecessors, the flat edges we see on the “iPhone 13” will be preserved, while the new device may be relied upon. The three cameras, built into the rear in a “galaxy” -like shape, are expected to be available in black, white, light peach and dark green in terms of colors.

There is talk of a titanium chassis that will make the iPhone 14 Pro stronger and lighter than its predecessors.

Experts deny that the US company will offer 4 versions of its new phone, as they will be satisfied with the “iPhone 14 Pro” and “iPhone 14 Pro Max”, removing both the regular and “mini” version.

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They also expect Apple to release its new phone next September, about 7 months later, and the price could start at $ 999.

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