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New covid mutant in India.. Warning British scientists


A number of leading senior scientists in the United Kingdom have warned that Britain is ill-prepared for a future pandemic, along with a new variant of the coronavirus infecting more than 10,000 people a day in India.

The newspaper explained,The IndependentA group of senior scientists, including Sir John Bell and Sir David King, have confirmed that their country is no more prepared than it was when the new coronavirus broke out in 2020.

Scientists have insisted that the scale of the Covid-19 pandemic has made an outbreak inevitable, pointing to a decline in Britain’s preparedness due to a lack of investment in epidemic control agencies and health systems. National Health Authority goes by “NHA”. “.

The warnings come after virologists fear a new strain that emerged in India could become the most widespread mutant in Britain.

The new strain first appeared last January and has spread to 22 countries, including Britain and the US, prompting India to restart production of anti-vaccination drugs.

British scientists have warned that the question now is “when the next epidemic will occur, not whether it will spread or not”, calling on the government to remain vigilant by strengthening the health system, tightening surveillance and identifying future threats.

David King, a former health adviser to the British government, said the world could face another epidemic of the same magnitude within the next 15 years.

And he continued, “Because the government has not invested in a National Health Commission that is in worse shape than it was two decades ago, we are now in the same situation as we were in 2020.”

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He warned that not funding health benefits and strengthening the UK’s ability to deal with another pandemic would determine the country’s future.

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