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New device to get rid of snoring


Snoring during sleep is very disturbing for spouses and sometimes one of the spouses can be made to sleep in the second room to avoid the inconvenience caused by snoring.

Some self-sacrificing wives consider their husband’s snoring as a symphony and melody, but, on the other hand, there are husbands who see this matter as a tragedy, which causes them emotional and actual divorce. This matter causes them stress, psychological sleeplessness and extreme discomfort that cannot be endured and it is a serious disease that affects the marital relationship.

From a medical point of view, doctors and specialists in chest diseases and sleep disorders confirm that snoring is one of the chronic diseases associated with the narrowing of the upper respiratory tract, which prevents air from entering through it, which causes this sound. A complete obstruction in the flow of air entering the lungs results in a decrease in the amount of oxygen in the lungs. Other factors include smoking, weight gain, and having problems with the nose and throat. It requires proper diagnosis and proper treatment.

Psychologists confirmed that separation of spouses in a separate room leads to emotional divorce and physical separation. Coexistence with the necessary treatment or subject.

Although snoring is a global phenomenon, its severity is increasing in the Arab region due to obesity and overweight, prompting an American company specializing in innovations that contribute to patients’ quality of life. Snoring at the Middle East Academy Conference and Exhibition is the Ear, Nose and Throat Clinic, which concludes its operations today at the Dubai Festival City Hotel.

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The new device differs from older traditional devices in that, in addition, it makes it easier for doctors to get to treatment sites more precisely, with much less bleeding, and less pain during surgery, and the patient can leave. Same day in the hospital and 10 days later complete recovery.

The manufacturing company, which was keen to attend the exhibition alongside the ENT conference, confirms that the Emirate of Dubai is the gateway to the East and the West to market and promote its innovations in medical devices, especially in light of the growing demand. The growth of medical devices and equipment and healthcare sector is not less than 10-15% annually.

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