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New reports from the Ministry of Health regarding the date of implementation of the Saudi Arabian National Health Insurance for life


In the middle of the year, the Saudi Minister of Health (Bahd al-Jalajel) officially announced the planned date for the implementation of National Health Insurance, Saudi Arabia's fully funded and annually unspecified insurance system, in the country. It continues for life without any prior limitations and permissions, and after designated networks to provide health services to each Saudi citizen individually, the goal of this health system is to establish health clusters, Minister completed Haditha.

National Health Insurance

It is important to note that Saudi National Health Insurance is a government scheme offered by the Health Insurance Center, which provides free of charge all expenses for health services to all beneficiaries of the scheme. Beneficiaries get comprehensive coverage. Various diseases at 100% rate in implementing the new strategy provided by the Ministry of Health, with the financial support of the Ministry of Finance.


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National Health Insurance Application Date

National Health InsuranceAs for the date of implementation of health insurance in the Kingdom, it will take place in more than one phase to prepare the situation of the country by the authorities, and it coincides with the beginning of the second change in the Ministry of Health, after which the health groups will be transferred to the Health Holding Company, so that the Ministry will be in full control of the health sector. As for the date of the transition process, it will be in the middle of next year, 2024. According to the Health Minister reports, 100% will be completed within two years, i.e. by 2026.

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Best Health Insurance Providers

There are many health insurance service providers in Saudi Arabia who have a good reputation for providing excellent services to the citizens:

  1. Bupa is Arabic

  • Bubba Arabia's distinctive feature is that it offers a variety of healthcare programs aimed at meeting the needs of its citizens, as well as comprehensive healthcare services for healthcare beneficiaries.

  1. Cooperative

  • It is one of the leading insurance companies in Saudi Arabia that offers a wide range of health insurance solutions, namely: individual and family plans.

  1. Metcalfe

  • Along with high-quality healthcare services, we see Metcalf offering a wide range of insurance options to meet the needs of citizens.

  1. AXA Cooperative Insurance

  • This insurance is very popular as we find that AXA offers many health insurance plans that cover complete medical services.

Benefits of National Health Insurance

When it comes to National Health Insurance that citizens get in Saudi Arabia, we find that it comes with many benefits such as:

  • Access to high-quality healthcare: This is by providing a large network of healthcare providers in a timely and comprehensive manner.

  • Financial protection: This insurance covers all medical expenses, big or small, by reducing the expenses of the citizens and includes: major treatments and surgeries.

  • Convenience: With health insurance, individuals can easily schedule appointments and get immediate and timely medical care.

How long does National Health Insurance last for beneficiaries?

As for the continuation of National Health Insurance for beneficiary citizens, it continues for an unlimited lifetime.

Does National Health Insurance Conflict with Private Insurance in Saudi Arabia?

No, based on reports from the Saudi Ministry of Health, there is no conflict between national health insurance and private insurance in the Kingdom.

What are the conditions to benefit from National Health Insurance?

Beneficiary must hold Saudi citizenship and continuously reside within Saudi Arabia to benefit from National Health Insurance services.

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