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Ten “Dangerous” Mistakes That Reduce Body Fat .. Easily Avoid


According to the Healthline website, which specializes in health issues, some errors are a barrier to getting good results, especially due to not receiving or availing nutritional advice from experts. GymnasticsUnder the supervision of an experienced trainer.

In the middleFor errors Instead of focusing on other important factors such as measuring my ratio, focus only on the weight, i.e., the number that appears on the scale. Fats And muscles, as well as taking fluid retention into account.

Experts say that the most important thing is to lose fat mass, while increasing muscle mass is a positive aspiration of many exercisers, therefore, weight does not provide a very safe picture for a person’s fitness.

The second mistake is excessive or excessive consumption of calories, i.e. greatly reducing or exceeding the recommended amount in an exaggerated manner.

The site’s instructions explain that a person who wants to lose weight should consume fewer calories than the body needs in a day, and that this measurement is not accurate for many.

If a person consumes too few calories, it can affect the body’s metabolism or so-called “burning”, then, the rate of fat removal will decrease and, therefore, the need for moderation.

In the third mistake, a person who wants to lose fat does not get enough exercise, or does too much, which leads to stress and fatigue, and the latter two affect the endocrine hormones that control many things in the human body.

If you limit yourself to “cardio” exercises only by going to the gym and jogging on top of the device for sweat, this habit is not enough because it is better to combine running with weight lifting and resistance exercises, which is the best way to avoid the fourth mistake and get rid of fat.

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The fifth mistake is to be greedy for certain fat-free foods, without paying attention to the fact that one percent of them contain sugar, and the consumer avoids fat, but introduces other harmful components into his stomach.

The sixth mistake, according to the site, is to exaggerate the effort you make, to think that you burned a lot of calories during exercise, and then, you may accept consumption thinking that you have created a balance.

The seventh mistake is not eating enough protein, the eighth mistake is fiber deficiency, and both of these components need to be in good condition.

Also, if you are one of those who avoid carbohydrates because they cause obesity, when you eat more fat, you will not switch to a healthy alternative because you will not see good benefit, which is the ninth mistake.

The tenth mistake is to make sure to continue eating even when the appetite is not open, so, for example, we think we should eat breakfast, while at the same time postponing the matter until we are ready to do so. That means avoiding supplying too many calories that the body does not ask for.

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