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New WhatsApp Introduces Encrypted Backups


Its new, the company announced Facebook End-to-end encrypted backups of WhatsApp for iOS and Android were available on Thursday.

The company has been providing the final to final encryption of conversations for many years. But with this new change, you can get the same amount of encryption with your backups.

Save to iCloud or Google Drive

This feature is also slowly coming out for people who use the latest version of the app. The platform took this step to prevent one of the hardest ways to hack personal contacts between individuals through the app.

WhatsApp backups are stored in iCloud or Google Drive. However, this means that Apple or Google can transfer backups to governments or law enforcement if needed.

Password or encryption key

It is worth noting that with the available modification, you can protect your WhatsApp cloud backups with a password or 64-digit encryption key so that only you can access the backup in theory. And you can’t WhatsApp site Backup service providers cannot read backups or access the key required to open them.

“WhatsApp was created based on the simple idea that what you share with your friends and family will be between you,” Facebook said. “Five years ago, we added end-to-end encryption by default, which preserves more than 100 billion messages a day and travels between more than 2 billion users.

Extra protective layer

He added that while end-to-end encrypted messages you send and receive are stored on your device, many people want a way to back up their conversations in case they lose their phone. Final encryption.

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The company is proud to say that no other global news service of this size provides this level of protection for users’ news, media, voice messages, video calls and chat backups.

Add two options

For their part, platform users find an option to create a 64-digit encryption key to lock backups of conversations in the cloud. They can store the encryption key offline or in the password manager of their choice, or create a password that supports their encryption key in the cloud-based backup key box created by the company.

Additionally, the encryption key stored in the cloud cannot be used without the user’s password. WhatsApp explained, “We know that some people prefer the 64-digit encryption key, while others prefer something that is easy to remember. So we add both options.”

Once the encrypted backup has been created, previous versions of the backup will be deleted. This will happen automatically and there is no action for the user to take.

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