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Ziagia calls on an international team to investigate the Beirut port explosion


Despite the alarming silence on Lebanon Street Dayone events However, yesterday, statements by Lebanese politicians did not stop because Lebanese forces leader Samir Kekia, who tried to oust a judge in the Beirut port blast, was intent on killing the investigation.

Lebanon will not reach a conclusion on the local investigation into the port explosion, so it would be better to go to the International Truth and Reconciliation Commission, he added in a statement issued by the Voice of Beirut International on Friday.

He continued, referring to Hezbollah and its allies, saying, “They want to kill justice because Judge al-Fitr summons them whom he thinks should be summoned,” and that the forces held a meeting to discuss possible ways. If Hezbollah can replace Judge al-Fitr by forcing justice to be killed. “”.

Members of the Lebanese Army in Beirut on October 15 (Archive)

Possible failure of security services

In addition, Lebanese Interior Minister Basam Mawlavi announced yesterday that security services would fail in advance of the Dayone clashes that erupted on Thursday.

He explained that the leaders of the security services “denied their prior knowledge of dangerous security data”.

He did not blame the Lebanese forces for the attack, but said, “I told them we were following up with the organizers of the protest.

Consequences of the Beirut Conflict (AFP)

Consequences of the Beirut Conflict (AFP)

19 suspects were arrested

In parallel, the Lebanese National News Agency revealed that 19 people had been arrested in the Taune incidents, proving that they were involved in an armed conflict, resulting in casualties.

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As part of this, the Al-Arabiya correspondent reported that the Lebanese army had conducted raids in the Lebanese mountains and found weapons used in the Dayone incident.

In this context, the Lebanese military tribunal’s state commissioner has ordered all surveillance cameras in the conflict zone to conduct a detailed investigation to determine the identity of the militants, the official said.

From Beirut (AFP)

From Beirut (AFP)

Unprecedented tension

This unprecedented escalation and tension in Lebanon comes after supporters of the party and the Amal movement in Lebanon gathered in front of the Beirut Palace yesterday to demand the removal of Bidar, with bombs and bombs in the Tayne area of ​​al-Shia and Ain al-Remmane, which killed 6 people and killed more than 30. Were injured.

Meanwhile, Hezbollah and Amal militants were stopped in the streets and on the streets, marching with heavy weapons.

In recent weeks, the leader of Hezbollah has directed a number of criticisms of the judicial analyst seeking to question former ministers and representatives of the party’s orbit.

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