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New “Xiaomi 13” phone, advanced photography techniques and professional lenses


Xiaomi’s new phone, the “Xiaomi 13”, was recently launched in the Arab region, offering extremely high performance levels and excellent imaging capabilities. The phone came with a sleek design and high wired and wireless charging speeds, and it could. Considered as one of the leading phones.

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“Xiaomi 13” phone with advanced photography techniques and professional lenses

The first thing the user notices during the experience of carrying the phone is the sleek design, the flat edges and curved edges of the dual ceramic construction and the arc back cover integrates with the design of the phone. It is easy to hold it with one hand and use it for a long time.

The Xiaomi 13 phone is characterized by its excellent imaging capabilities

  • The phone uses “Leica” lenses, which are high-quality lenses that deliver high-quality images and rich colors without losing any detail.
  • The main camera uses the IMX800 sensor, which is a highly accurate sensor that prevents the user’s hand from shaking while shooting.
  • The phone maintains the Leica Authentic Look mode, which precisely adjusts the true difference between light and dark and white balance, preventing large contrast of light and colors.
  • You can then make adjustments to the colors and saturation of the images at any time.
  • The phone is characterized by support for imaging aesthetics of color gamuts according to Leica lenses and P3 caliber, and it improves the expression of red and green colors, which allows capturing rich and impressive images.
  • Most clearly, it is characterized by the ability to automatically change the focal length (auto focus) due to the phone’s high capabilities in data processing for closely tracking moving targets.
  • A neural network allows the camera to recognize and automatically focus on human faces and eyes, as well as the eyes of pets and birds.
  • It offers a professional style that allows manual adjustment of settings and supports images by extension (RAW 10), with support for image calibration from (Adobe Labs), and support for (Dolby Vision HDR) standard, which allows recording videos. With rich colors and ultra-high resolution (4K), and color accuracy (10 – bit).
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  • The phone supports Dolby Atmos technology, which produces sounds through dual speakers that provide a distributed sound field that supports enhanced sound effects and provides greater immersion while watching videos and playing games.

Storage and memory

  • The user interface optimizes the storage used by the system and reduces the number of non-removable applications to 8.
  • Increase system performance by optimizing system resource allocations and improving data privacy to make it smoother and faster.
  • The phone also supports (XiaoAi AI Assistant 6), which is powered by artificial intelligence that learns about user habits and boosts performance levels, and reminds the user of appointments and schedules.
  • The processor offers 37 percent higher performance compared to the previous generation, while reducing power consumption by 47 percent thanks to its 4 nanometer (nm) process.
  • Graphics processing provides performance improvements (42%) while reducing power consumption (49%) compared to the previous generation.
  • The phone memory works with LPDDR5X technology and transfers data at a speed of 8.533 Mbps.
  • Files are handled using (UFS 4.0) technology.
  • The phone offers a steam chamber system with an area of ​​4,620 square millimeters, which aims to cool the heat caused by intensive use.


  • Xiaomi uses a special chip for the phone battery and protects the phone during the charging process, giving the battery a longer life with a charge of (4,500) mAh.
  • The battery supports wired charging with a capacity of (67) watts, wireless charging with a capacity of (50) watts and wireless reverse charging with a capacity of (10) watts.
  • With a wired charger, the battery can be charged from 0 to 100 percent in 38 minutes.
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Technical notes

  • The phone offers a large “AMOLED” screen that displays the image with a resolution of 2400 x 1080 pixels, and it displays the image at a refresh rate of 120 Hz, and is scratch-resistant thanks to the use of “Gorilla Corning Glass. 5” glass, in addition to offering an optical fingerprint sensor behind the screen.
  • The phone uses the “Snapdragon 8 second generation” octa-core processor, which is manufactured with a precision of 4 nanometers.
  • The phone supports (Wi-Fi), a, b, g, n, ac, 6e, Bluetooth 5.3 and NFC to connect devices to each other.
  • Supports fifth generation networks and simultaneous use of two SIM cards.
  • Water and dust resistant to IP68 standard.
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