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News of Egypt’s support and promotion from space stations


News of Egypt’s support and promotion from space stations

The most recent came from Emirati predecessor Sultan Al Neyadi

Thursday – 8 Ramadan 1444 AH – March 30, 2023 AD Issue no. [

Image of Fayom released by French astronaut Thomas Besquet (Asharq al-Awsad).

Cairo: Hazem Badr

From time to time, Egypt receives broadcast messages from 400 kilometers above the Earth’s surface orbiting the International Space Station.
During the International Station’s round-the-world tour every 90 minutes at 28,000 km per hour, that didn’t stop some astronauts from capturing quick glimpses of Egypt. On social networking sites.
The most recent of these news is Emirati astronaut Sultan Al Neyadi joining the International Space Station, becoming the second Emirati astronaut after Hazza Al Mansouri.
On Tuesday, al-Neyadi posted a video clip of the International Space Station passing by Cairo at night on his Twitter account, adding: “Cairo is one of the most beautiful cities I have ever visited in my life.
He also wrote a letter that was widely recognized among Egyptians, in which he said: “Renaissance of Egypt, revival of all Arabs, I recommended my children to be always on the side of Egypt… said Sheikh Zayed. bin Sultan Al Nahyan, may God rest his soul, love for Egypt, we are on our side. ” This love will last forever… Hail to Egypt, mother of the world and greetings to her capital Cairo and greetings to her people and the good ones from outer space.
Two months before al-Neyadi’s comment, Cairo attracted another astronaut, Japanese Koichi Wakata, who released a picture of Cairo from space, with a comment that said, “When I flew over the city earlier today, Cairo looked so bright.”
8 years ago, I attended another support and promotion message in Cairo, in which the hero was American astronaut Scott Kelly, who sent a video message from space to his friend, Greek musician Yanni Chrismalis. Pyramids of Giza, in which he expressed his admiration for the civilization of Egypt.
“Always fly over the Great Pyramids, the Nile and Cairo and see its beautiful lights from space,” Kelly said in his message posted by Yanni’s YouTube channel. As a society living in peace and trust, undivided by political boundaries, the planet is breathtaking, expressing his hope that “the day will come when all will live in peace.”
Not only was Cairo the object of astronaut praise, but the Egyptian city of Fayoum was also in satellite news for support, since two years earlier French astronaut Thomas Besquet had found nothing to return to his mother. On “Mother’s Day” in France, better than sending a satellite image, the Fayoum Governorate in Egypt stands out, appearing green amid the heart-shaped desert sands.
Besquet wrote, “There was no Valentine’s Day during Alpha’s mission, but today is Mother’s Day in France (and other countries), and my mother receives a personal message in French, but she dedicated this heart-shaped oasis in Egypt. All the mothers in the world, so when we celebrate Mother’s Day , it should be more than one day a year anyway.
Commenting on these satellite reports, Ashraf Shaker, head of the astronomy department at the National Institute for Astronomical and Geophysical Research, told Asharq Al-Awsad, “This is just one of many. During scientific conferences, many people come like them, but most of them are not published in the media. Shaker “One of the sights that attracted attention from space was the shape of the Egyptian delta, which many scientists, during his meetings with them, described as amazing.”
As the station takes pictures of Earth, Earth residents can see it with the naked eye, especially in rural areas, far from city lights, as it shines in the sky as it passes over an area. Bright Venus in brightness, explains Shaker.


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