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News Yuzra assures public about Adel Imam’s health


Star Yuzra reassured viewers about star Adel Imam’s health, insisting that he is doing well.

During a telephone interview for “Hazrat Al-Citizen” program hosted by Saeed Ali on “Al-Hadat Al-Youm” channel, Yuzra said that he is in constant contact with Adel Imam and that he is fine.

And he added: I am in direct contact with Professor Issam Imam, sometimes Adel talks to me and sometimes I talk to him.

Adel Imam and Yuzra

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In recent times, there have been reports about the star, Adel Imam’s health and rumors of Alzheimer’s disease, but his brother, producer Issam Imam, has confirmed that he is fine and that all those rumors are baseless.

On the other hand, Yuzra participated in the series “1000, Thank God for Protection” in Ramadan 2023.

Yusra and Mayan al-Sayed and Adam al-Sharqawi
Behind the scenes of the 1000 series, thank God for security

Also series 1000, Thank You for Safety, directed by Amr Salah and written by Mohamed Zulfiqar, starring Yuzra, Adam El Sharqawi, Mayan El Said, Shaima El Seef, Mohamed Darwat, Iman El Said and aired on CBC, CBC Drama and Show. Check out the IT site.

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