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Sheikh Maktoum bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Dubai’s Deputy Ruler, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, praised the Dubai Financial Market Company for its performance over the past year, following the growth that began in late 2021. Describes the rise in the general index of the market as the highest annual rise in eight years.

His Highness wrote on his official Twitter page yesterday: “The Dubai Financial Markets Company today announced the results of 2021. The previous year .. the general index recorded a 28% increase year on year .. the total number of investors reached 852,000 investors .. the future will be better. , God willing.

In detail, the Dubai Financial Markets Company announced its consolidated financial results for the financial year ending December 31, 2021, with a net profit of 103.8 million dirhams and gross revenue of 294.6 million dirhams. Through operations, 213 million dirhams and 81.6 million dirhams from investments and other revenue were distributed.

The Dubai Financial Markets Company has reduced its total expenditure by 4% to 190.8 million dirhams, equivalent to 8.5 million dirhams in 2021, compared to 199.3 million dirhams in 2020.

Big jump

In the fourth quarter of last year, net profit increased by 269% to 65.7 million dirhams, compared to 17.8 million dirhams in the same quarter of the previous year, and revenue increased by 68% to 111.5 million dirhams. 66.2 million dirhams, and net profit 103.8 million dirhams, 137.9 million dirhams, total revenue 294.6 million dirhams, compared to 337.2 million dirhams.

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In preparation for presenting them at the Annual Ordinary General Meeting to be held after the approval of the Securities and Exchange Commission, the Board of Directors of the Company discussed and approved the 2021 Financial Statements the day before yesterday. The Board recommended the distribution of cash dividends to shareholders of 3% of the capital equivalent to 240 million dirhams.

A fresh start

Commenting on the market’s significant business developments and achievements over the past year, Hilal Al Marri, Chairman of the Board of Directors, said: “2021 marks a new beginning for the Dubai financial market, which has a successful track record and the market’s future prospects and potential for sustainable growth are beyond limits. .In light of the overwhelming support of the wise leadership the limitations and the various initiatives announced by the Supreme Committee in the last few months for the growth of the financial markets in Dubai.

Furthermore, this confidence is derived from the strong base of the market, the latter having a world-class infrastructure and organizational structure, organizational features and high competitive capabilities that qualify collectively for its excellent contribution to promoting and sustaining its growth. Integrating Dubai’s position as a global hub for capital markets.

Motivational symptoms

Al-Marri continued: “The general index recorded an increase of 28.2%, the highest annual rate of increase for the index since 2013, and the total value of the trade increased by 10.2% to 72.3 billion dirhams compared to its volume in 2020, and the total market value of listed securities increased by 21% to 411 billion. Were dirhams.

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The market ended strong last year, with the total value of trade increasing by 126% in the last quarter to 33.6 billion dirhams, which is 46.5% of the total trade value in 2021, which is due to a steady improvement in performance. Encouraging numbers in the national economy, and in many key economic sectors: tourism and real estate, in addition to the activity of the listed companies, all of which are in favor of market performance, which are crowned by the significant positive effects of the announcement. Strategic Plan for the Development of Financial Markets in Dubai.

Large foreign reserves

Although foreign investors maintained their large presence in the Dubai financial markets by 2021, they gained 45.8% of their trading value to 1.9 billion dirhams (purchase income) and recorded 22.5% of the total market value of the shares listed on their equity market. . The share of institutional investment from trading was 45.8%, with a net investment of 656 million dirhams (purchase income).

The market attracted 7,342 new investors, including 677 investment firms, bringing the total number of registered investors in the Dubai Financial Market to 852,212 investors from 209 countries by the end of 2021. 63% of new investors are foreigners (4626 investors).


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