June 6, 2023

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Neymar responds mockingly to the attack on him due to obesity

Reuters / Claudio Reyes

Brazilian striker Neymar mocked the attack against him due to his weight, this morning (1-0) after his country’s match against the Chile host, in the qualifying match for the World Cup “Qatar 2022”.

Due to his participation in the Copa America with his country, Neymar returned to the Paris Saint-Germain team later this summer.

Some mocked Neymar for his form of appearance and his lack of significant fitness after returning from vacation, saying he was attacked after the match against Chile due to obesity.

Neymar posted a personal photo of himself on Instagram after the match and commented: “I agree the meeting was not the best, but it was a success in the end.”

He added a description of his weight gain: “The shirt is a bigger size G than I usually wear, I will order a size M in the next match,” and added this description with a funny emoji, but that did not stop the player from appearing in the film.

Neymar responds mockingly to the attack on him due to obesity

It is noteworthy that last Sunday Neymar appeared with Paris for the first time this season against Reim, who went out in the 60th minute of the meeting, with Argentine star Lionel Messi entering his first appearance on the Paris team shirt.

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Is Messi participating?

Neymar came under violent attack by the French press after the Reims match due to his poor condition and physical disability.

In the South American qualifiers for the 2022 World Cup, Brazil leads Argentina with 21 points and 6 points, followed by Ecuador and Uruguay with 3 points and 9 points each.

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