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Nokia Launches $250 Phone With Unprecedented Feature


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Today in Baghdad – follow-upHMD Global – the maker of Nokia-branded smartphones – on Wednesday June 28 launched a new smartphone whose parts can be repaired by users if the parts are damaged and sold for £199 ($252) for the version with 128 GB of internal storage. It will be available in the UK from Wednesday 28 June, while HMD Global has not provided details on its launch in the US. The G42 5G is a more premium upgrade. The repairable G22 phone, which the company unveiled at the Mobile World Congress trade show in Barcelona earlier this year, has a 50-megapixel main camera, 6.56-inch screen and 3-day battery life. Users are offered 3 years of monthly security updates and 2 years of operating system upgrades. Users must pay for the parts they need to replace. For the charging port, it costs £24.95, the battery £29.95, and the back cover £29.95. Lawmakers in the European Parliament – for example – are calling for legislation forcing manufacturers to offer users a “right to repair”. “, and it represents a movement among consumer advocates to make it easier for consumers to repair their devices.

Nokia Launches $250 Phone With Unprecedented Feature

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News Info: Nokia Launches $250 Phone With Unprecedented Feature

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