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Mbappe is “in pain for France” after a minor was killed at the hands of police, and his mother has called for a “white march”.


On Wednesday, Emmanuel Macron expressed his “sympathy” to a family A minor shot and killed a policeman Suburb Nanterre West of Paris tuesday At one point when he tried to stop his car search Transportation.

said the French President Wednesday during a visit to Marseille “There is nothing to justify the killing of a young man,” he called Judiciary must do its duty.

For his part, the French interior minister was called Gerald DrATwo pomegranates Wednesday to “keep calm” and “get the truth out” in the youth’s murder case And he is called Nail AndHe is 17 years old.

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And he said DrATwo pomegranates “What the police did, if the videos prove it, is completely unjustified.” KWhat did he say At the same time It’s done “31 people arrested for taking part in clashes” that erupted on Tuesday After what happened Inside Nanterre Andother suburbs It resulted His statements On that day injury 24 Burned a policeman and several cars and a building Associated withAcknowledgment“.

Posted 200 is conditionalTo maintain security

added the French minister AN “Two policemen watching the road have ‘experience’. AndNo Their administrative files are no problemExplains Inside against condition “Who shot the boy” accused will be suspended from service if proven to him“.

In the same context, I agree Governor Paris Police Laurent Nunez In an interview he gave to BBC television F M said the policeman’s behavior “raises questions”. Saying at the same time Perhaps he felt threatened..

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In order to prevent further conflicts between People Nanterre and other Paris suburbs PoliceThe Home Minister announced the deployment of 2,000 security forces Wednesday evening in many of those areas “To maintain security”.

A “white” parade Thursday in honor of Nell’s spirit

For her part, she called Monia mother NailTo hold a “white march” tomorrow, Thursday, starting from the municipal headquarters Nanterre Second Evening Paris time. she said inside Its appeal“Come on everyone, please, stand up for my son.”

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And in an interview he gave to the newspaper, “Luburgian: “I lost a 17-year-old boy. I i live I was alone with him and now they took him away from me. And she continued: “He kissed me I am (Tuesday) And he told me: Mom I love you so much. FI replied: i love you too Imagination warning On that day yourself But after an hour of this conversation, I got the message BThey shot at them Abrown what i will doan action Now?”.

Killian MbappeI grieve for my nation, France.

In addition to the official opinion, viaMany Artists and athletes express their “sympathy” to the family Nail They called the French judiciaryWorked Bring out the truth.

For example, popular actor Omar C on TwitterH On Twitter, he said, “My prayers go out to the family and friends Nail He was killed by a policeman this morning Nanterre. Let the Judiciary do its duty and be honored remember This guy.”

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such as Football star Killian MbappeHe expressed his “solidarity” and wrote in a tweet, “I feel pain for my country France. Unbearable situation. All my sympathies and thoughts go out to the family and relatives.” NailThis little angel is gone too soon.”

On the other hand, criticize Football player TheInternational French Joule Candi Media coverage of the teenager’s death Nail.

He said: “A 17-year-old boy was murdered for allegedly refusing to comply when Traffic Check Post. this is the truth And shocking. But the TV channels and the questions asked by the journalists have no other purpose than to hide the truthChange victim For a criminal. This method is used Since ancient times To hide the real problem.

He then called on the French to “turn off the television screens to find the news”. In the National Assembly, the representatives decide ato stand A moment of silence, “Thank you the spirit NailAndSupport to doHis family and relatives.

War of words on communication platforms

AndyttThe incident of the murder of the young man came to light Nail Social media platforms, especially Twitter. FSome of the pioneers of these networks JCondemnedn With thisE surgery AndOthers show their support French police forces.

“We and his relatives want the truth and justice, because we are well aware of the obstacles that prevent the disclosure of this truth among the police and public police inspectors,” said François Raven, a member of the New Environment and Society. People’s Sangh Constituency.

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On the other hand, he wrote Breno DisorderAssistant General Secretary Inside French Police Associationwho is this far-right), in a tweet: “I will prove that I am the police ( That murder NailHe was innocent and acted in self-defense and lawfully.”

AndThis issue raises the question today were killed Nail Ignition Conflicts their size What are the famous neighborhoods in France known in 2005?


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