June 5, 2023

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Noor al-Kandur was responsible for attacking the Egyptians with the series "From Al Haram To".

Noor al-Kandur was responsible for attacking the Egyptians with the series “From Al Haram To”.

Period / Cairo: After being attacked for participating in the Gulf series “From Al Haram to the Street”, he was accused by several social media activists.

Actress Noor El-Kandur was attacked after she was accused of abusing Egyptian women, she said, adding that she was attacked because she participated in the “Al Haram Street To” series. “In my opinion, we can not determine anything before this. After watching it, they usually put controversial scenes in it when advertising something. And I ask viewers to wait and watch the series and then judge.

He pointed out to Ed al-Arabi that a decent character in the series (from Al Haram Street) is not bad and does not want to insult women whether they are Egyptian or Arab. Many things pushed her to this point.

He continued: “Ensure that neither Nano nor writer Heba Mishari Hamada nor the production company intends to demean women. On the contrary, I am always supportive of all her issues and urge audiences to wait again. I hope they change their minds. “

The advertisement for the Gulf series “From El Haram Street to ..” provoked a huge outcry from Egyptians on Twitter, causing a rift between the husbands after the appearance of an Egyptian dancer featuring the character of an Egyptian dancer. And his wife.

The hashtag stopping the series “From Al Haram Street to” was topped by the Twitter trend, where the hashtag was well received by the Egyptians.

The role of the dancer is played by the Egyptian artist Noor al-Kandur, who lives in Kuwait and participates in work there.