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Corona shows teeth to kill millions of Americans today or later


In the United States they imagine it New corona viruses He will reveal his fangs starting today, Tuesday, to kill one million Americans, as evidenced by dreamy and terrifying data, indicating that after two years of consecutive viral death, he will reach this figure at most between today and tomorrow.

They expect the number of victims this year to reach 150,000 in the United States alone, the number of people who have died in all the wars and conflicts it has fought for more than two centuries and two decades. The Pentagon’s archive contains the casualties of its wars on life and property, beginning 245 years ago in the “War of Independence” and ending in mid-2021.

The death toll from the virus in the United States stands at 999,792 to date, and the number of infections is between 81 million and 400,000.

The last war waged by the United States, the longest-running “war in Afghanistan” in US military history, lasted 19 years, 10 months and 23 days and ended on August 30, during which it cost more than a trillion dollars. However, its death toll is only 2,420 Americans, less than the number of Americans killed by the virus every two days.

Countries most affected by the virus

As for his victims, we find them in a fragmented table from one of the largest and most comprehensive in all countries and regions of the world, until Tuesday morning in the United States, published by the Worldometer website, which monitors its US headquarters all corona. Activity in the world, and its numbers are close to being broadcast on its site by American Hopkins University Johns, and the difference is that it publishes things that it achieves moment by moment, while the university publishes its data day by day.

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With more than 81 million cases reported, the United States leads the list of 10 countries most affected by the virus, with 999,792 Americans killed. Of those, more than 63 million have recovered, and more than 17 million remain victims. In total, 2,966 people are in critical condition in hospitals, according to the schedule.

One million and 150 thousand people were killed in the wars of two centuries and two decades, and one million people were killed in Corona in two years and 3 months.

One million and 150 thousand people were killed in the wars of two centuries and two decades, and one million people were killed in Corona in two years and 3 months.

The table also shows that more than half of the 3 million and 670 thousand, 6 million and 121 thousand people killed by the mosque and its aides in ten countries worldwide have been killed since then. Appeared two years and 3 months ago, while severe injuries in ten countries accounted for 244 million. Nearly half of the world’s more than 474 million wounds, most of them healed, and 70 million people in treatment. 60,000 of them are in hospitals in critical condition.

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