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Not just culture and art .. Mental health and drug treatment are among the activities of a decent life


The Ministry of Culture continued its cultural and artistic participation Try the “good life”Through the General Commission for Cultural Palaces, headed by Director Hisham Adva, the Fayoum Cultural Branch in the Greater Cairo region and northwestern Egypt, led by artist Jalal Othman for the third consecutive day, will focus on decent living in the villages of Atcha, the submerged village and its affiliates, Manshit Abdel, Drowning in front of me, drowning Bahri ”, through the Federal Research and Research Administration,“ National Council for Youth and Sports, Education, The Women, Anti-Drug Treatment Fund in Foam ”, will continue until November 30th.

These events include art workshops operated by the Central Research and Research Administration and the Foom Culture Branch on “Crafts, Ceramic Paste, Assortment Art, Beaded Models, Newspaper Creation, Bag Making from Guamia”. Discovering artistic talents and a group of Arab Foom art shows.

In parallel, Dr. Mahmoud Abdel-Gawad gave an educational lecture on “Mental Health”, where he explained that “low quality of life, early marriage, unemployment and underage marriage are the causes of a person’s degeneration.” He stressed the need to follow up with specialists in the mental and psychological state of the injured and not to follow the old method of dealing with them.

Children and activities for a decent life

Kids gather around activities
Kids gather around activities

During the operation of children
During the operation of children

Children's workshops
Children’s workshops

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