March 25, 2023

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Son of Wadih al-Safi: My father is an Egyptian citizen (video) | News

Andoin al-Safi revealed that his father, the late artist Wadih al-Safi, was an Egyptian citizen.

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“He was proud of his Egyptian nationality, and that means a lot to him,” he said during a meeting with journalist Mona El-Shassley on the CBC program “With You, Mona El-Shassley.”

Plaintiff al-Safi received Egyptian citizenship in 1995, and his son said he felt he was Egyptian.

About the first time Wadih al-Safi came to Egypt, Antoine al-Safi revealed that he had come to Egypt in 1944 to participate in a film with Noor al-Huda, a star at the time, and the film was made. By Yusuf Wehbe.

Antoine added that his father stayed in Egypt for a year and got acquainted with many artists, and then went to Egypt in 1962 with the Festival of Lights and sang in the old opera, where he performed his first Arabic show.

The Arab Music Festival celebrated the centenary of Wadih Al-Safi on Sunday, November 7 at the Nafoura Theater in the Egyptian Opera House.

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