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The dialogues in the book “Physics of Novels and Music of Philosophy” translated by Lutfia Al-Tulaimi deal with the contemporary elite of male and female novelists, and track diverse visions and limitless sources of inspiration. To make the novel a cultural encyclopedia of the epoch and a changing creative form, it is in a constant state of change and movement, full of life and ambition and the ability to inspire, the novel as a literary genre is ever-changing, open to the myriad possibilities created by human life, while it defines philosophical moments as well as economic and Associated with dramatic changes in politics.

The modern novel, as Lutfia al-Tulaimi believes, is one of the instruments of knowledge based on the movement of thought, human tendencies and social changes in their moral and aesthetic aspects. In the dialogues included in this book, we find differences. And contradictions in the opinions of novelists about the essence of fiction works, its purposes and motivations, their methods vary, which is beyond their experimentalism. Various well-known theories about the novel, as a literary genre with specific features.

Here, great and dedicated novelists talk about the novel, novel creativity, writing methods and rituals, methods of literary work, and shed light on dealing with people’s lives and their lifestyles and basic dilemmas. Existence like love, beauty, death, life, passion, despair and struggle for survival.

In these selected conversations, we learn about the hidden aspects of the novelists’ lives and their outlook on life, their positions on the events of our time, and the intellectual and philosophical influences that shaped their personalities and influenced their emotional maturity. We also learn about the topics that have always inspired them in their novel works, and see the difference in perspectives and approaches that enrich our view of novel art in different cultures.

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These dialogues reveal to us the main differences between the orientation of the creators of East and West, North and South, and the differences in their positions on the individual and society. Individualism, excessive subjectivity, and Epicurean tendencies among Westerners, and dependence on individual problems resulting from social pressures and value changes.

Eastern peoples generally use in the contents of their works of fiction collective concerns, common dilemmas, human longings for freedom, dignity and the needs of a better life and often ignore the personal and subjective.

Here are conversations about the love of writing, passion for dreams and the creation of contemporary myths. Some novels are purely creative responses to the author’s life, as Kazuo Ishiguro notes in his description of the novel “The Inconsolable.” and some condensed, rudimentary abstractions, almost pure poetry, Italian Italo’s novels composed of interlocking parts, like the abstract Calvino Roman mosaic.

We will also discover novelists’ writing rituals, methods of manipulating text, and how starting from an image, idea, or scene becomes a complete piece of fiction. Different visions, levels, and methods enrich our perspective and knowledge of the art of the novel and its changes, and the changes that have affected the novel form today, and some novelists have developed it from innovative narrative methods, while others have tended toward considered writing. Novel style, although traditional novel writing standards do not apply to them.

The book draws from different geographical and cultural traditions, and we read about Godzi, Anita Desai, Chinua Achebe, Khaled Hosseini, Ray Bradbury, Hagen, Toni Morrison, Lee Clecio, Saramago, Colin Wilson, Doris Lessing, Philip Roth, Galliano, Murgami. , and Margaret Atwood. , Anas Nin et al.

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