June 29, 2022

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Nvidia's God of War update released for PC

Nvidia’s God of War update released for PC

To complete its series of successes that began on the PlayStation 4 platform many years ago, the company announced today the highly anticipated God Of War game released today to all PC owners, with full support for various Nvidia technologies.

Following the story of the Spartan warrior Kratos, who moved from there after the complete destruction of ancient Greece and took him to the cold country of Norway and established his own family there. Various hits, and it won the Best Sports Award of the Year and many other technical awards.

The game comes to PC owners with full support for new Nvidia technologies that rely on artificial intelligence, RTX and GTX graphics cards, providing the best graphic experience on PCs for fans of the series and Hero.

45% performance increase on God of War games with Nvidia DLSS

Nvidia’s DLSS technology uses Tensor AI cores to get better results with different display resolutions, and increases the frame rate by a higher percentage while playing the game.

Performance increases up to 45% with 4K resolution when using Nvidia DLSS technology with Cam, and certainly increases percentage when used with lower display resolution.

Nvidia’s special reflex technology increases reactivity by 22% when using GeForce 900 cards, and when using stronger cards with stronger AI cores, the percentage gradually increases, and the technology provides a smoother and easier gaming experience when using it. Enjoy the game experience greatly and take advantage of the diverse and challenging odds in the game.

When installing the Game Ready driver update directly for Nvidia cards, you can take advantage of all these new technologies, which will be the first update to be released for the cards after the game’s release.

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