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Observe their behavior in summer.. Study: Heat, UV rays and ozone increase dog aggression | Science


Have you noticed your pet’s behavior in the summer? They can bite you or another person on any hot, sunny day. That’s what a new study conducted by researchers at Harvard Medical School warns, and points out that dogs’ behavior increases dramatically on days when temperatures rise.

The research paper mentions that Published Recent scientific reports have shown that rates of dog ferocity change with increases in UV radiation, air pollution levels, or changes in ozone.

Researchers found an 11% increase in dog bite incidents as UV levels increased (Shutterstock)

Environmental changes and dog behavior

Researchers analyzed 10 years of dog bite data in eight US cities: Dallas, Houston, Baltimore, Baton Rouge, Chicago, Louisville, Los Angeles and New York. This includes nearly 70,000 bites, an average of three bites per day over 10 years.

A press release said Position In, researchers examined the relationship between dog bite rates and daily levels of particulate matter (PM 2.5), ozone and temperature, as well as UV radiation and precipitation.

The researchers found that dog bite incidents increased 11% on days with high levels of UV radiation, 4% on hot days and 3% on days with high ozone. On the other hand, dog bites have decreased slightly on rainy days.

The study found no link between dog bites and fine particles known as “PM2.5,” a mixture of pollutants such as chemicals, ash, dust and metals that are 2.5 inches (6.35 cm) in diameter. study Identity US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Ruff Collies can be the most aggressive breed of dog in hot weather (Shutterstock).

Rough collies are the most ferocious variety

According to a previous study conducted by the University of Helsinki in Finland, WPublished Scientific Reports 2021 There may also be other factors that affect dog bite risk, such as race or gender.

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It stated that Ruff Collie can be a very aggressive breed of dog in hot weather.

The authors of the current study explain that high temperatures and high levels of air pollution may increase dog aggression to the point of biting. However, they point out that more data and research is needed to confirm these findings.

The importance of these results is how environmental factors influence dog behavior, which can be a threat to public health, and reminds us of the need for caution when handling dogs, especially on hot days.

Dogs are very loyal and loyal animals to us, but they can hurt us if they feel stressed or threatened by weather or other situations.

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