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Officially… “Nubia” launches its “Red Magic 9 Pro” phone with specifications “ideal for electronic gaming professionals”.


The Chinese company “Nubia”, a subsidiary of “ZTE”, has officially launched its phone dedicated to electronic gaming professionals, the “Red Magic 9 Pro”.

Nubia explained that it has launched two versions, the first being the “Red Magic 9 Pro” and the second being the “Red Magic 9 Pro Plus”.

Both versions of the phone come with faster Snapdragon 8 third generation processor with advanced designs, shoulder keys and cooling fans.

Both versions differ in battery capacity, charging and RAM capacity, which reaches 24 GB in the most powerful versions.

Both phones have 6.8-inch flat AMOLED displays with 1116 x 2480 pixels resolution and 120Hz refresh rate, and sleek bezels with no visible cutout for the 16-megapixel front-facing camera integrated under the screen.

The panels on both devices are rated at up to 1,600 nits of peak brightness and offer 2,160 Hz dimming, combating any eye strain caused by phone use, and are equipped with a fingerprint reader that can act as a heartbeat. Monitor.

The Red Magic 9 Pro version comes with 12 GB RAM capacity and 256 to 512 GB internal storage capacity, while the Red Magic 9 Pro Plus version comes with 16 to 24 GB RAM capacity and 1 storage capacity. Tuberculosis

Both the phones have an updated ICE 13 cooling system that has a total surface area of ​​10,182 square millimeters.

A refined cooling system is reported to reduce the phone’s operating temperature by up to 18 degrees and a graphene layer under the screen in addition to a larger air channel for better ventilation, and the fan inside the device now spins at 22,000 rpm. min and features improved thermal conductivity of 30%. .

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All Red Magic 9 Pro models feature aerospace-grade aluminum frames and completely flat glass backs with no protruding camera sensors.

The camera department has a 50-megapixel main camera based on the Samsung GN5 sensor with a 50-megapixel ultra-wide lens, and both the phones run with a user interface backed by “Android 14” operating system.

The main differences between the two phones come in battery capacity and charging speed, as the Red Magic 9 phone packs a 6500 mAh battery with 80W wired charging, while the Red Magic 9 Pro Plus gets a smaller 5500 mAh battery with phone charging. Support. Fast 165 watts.

Both the phones come in black, transparent white and transparent black. The Red Magic 9 Pro starts at $620 and goes up to $761, while the Red Magic 9 Pro Plus starts at $775 and goes up to $987.

The company is scheduled to launch the phone in stores in China on November 28, and indicated that it will announce its global launch date in the near future.

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