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Oh, take heart.. In the second half of October, 3 zodiac signs need more love


Some people sometimes feel the need for more love, especially in the beginning of winter which starts in the second half of October, this love is considered to be a way to help some people live a happy life full of affection and understanding. It distracts them from problems and problems in life. Surprisingly, although this is a peaceful method, it is not suitable for everyone, and according to the zodiac signs, there are some signs that are more sensitive to love and feelings, especially in the second half of October, which means that they are sensitive for some reason. , due to the transit of Neptune opposite the Moon on October 12, 2023, these sensitive signs will feel the need for love, and on the “Yourtangoo” website, we review three signs that are affected by the Moon opposite Neptune more than others, which increases their need for love.

A moment of love


Geminis will be on the list of those who need love when the Moon transits opposite Neptune, and that love is not from him to his partner, but to everyone around him. He can indulge in love and affection. , and forget any differences, enjoy love and affection.


Cancer people do not hesitate to ask for love and affection from their partner, or even to hug their children or anyone they meet. People with this sign show their love, appreciation and gratitude to everyone around them. They prefer the obvious to end any disagreement and end only with a kind word. Don’t cut off the relationship completely.



Since Pisces are known to love being loved, you tend to rewrite the story when you don’t get as much love from the people around you. This means that not only will you give love to everyone, but you will. Ask without fear or anxiety.You make your partner feel…sorry that he can’t reach you even if he tries.

Love feelings
Love feelings

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