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اخبار المرأة : بالفيديو والدة هند صبري بأول ظهور لها: علا تشبه ابنتي وبعض أحداث المسلسل "حقيقية"

Ola looks like my daughter and some of the episodes in the series are “real”

The Most Important and Latest News for Women Today: Wednesday, February 23rd, 2022
With details of the news: Women News: In the video, Hind Sabri’s mother at first glance: Ola looks like my daughter and some episodes of the series are “real”

Hawa: Similar to “The Journey of Searching for Ola”, the Netflix operating system produced the documentary “The Journey of Searching for Hind” in which Mrs. Talinda, the mother of Hind Sabri, appeared for the first time to express common traits. And the events between his daughter and Ola’s character, as well as the events and details of his childhood that Hind For expressed surprise at being remembered.

Hend Sabri’s mother – screenshot of the documentary

Talinda, the mother of Hind Sabri, the artist’s mother, confirmed that Ola’s character has left her mark on her daughter’s Hind, while quoting some personal features and details of her life, and Hind said that Ola will not easily forget Ola.

Hind Sabri’s mother, putting forward some similar details between the events of the series and her daughter’s personal life, said: The scene of the embarrassing dress was real, it actually happened in Hind Sabri’s childhood, she wanted to bear it, but she was a character who could not tolerate something that annoyed her, Hind Remembering is so amazing.

Hind Sabri confirmed that her character is like Ola and that she is like every woman who undergoes major changes once every 10 years, and pointed out that Ola’s changes in the new series compared to her character in the series “I Want to Get Married”. Similar to the changes in her personality.

Hend Sabri’s mother – screenshot of the documentary

She said: I hear my voice more now, I do not care about external voices that reject what I do, and this is against my personality in the youth that was repeated with Ola.

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Hend Sabri pointed out that he never dreamed of filming the series this way and did not expect to be an executive producer on the Netflix site because he had no previous experience.

During a meeting with the Netflix site Hend Sabri said: I did not expect to be a producer on Netflix because I had no prior experience and wanted to express or change my opinion on my work as an actress, but I do not do it because the actor recommends, some ask him, others do not listen.

Hend Sabri continued: I do not know if I can only be an actress, but I learned a lot from my experience as a producer and found that production is not an easy task, but rather a big responsibility.

Hind Sabri talked about the series Searching for Ola, explaining that she had gone through the same childhood as Ola Abdel Sabor, of which she was a part, and that her personality was very close to Ola. Is up until now, but she is trying to cover that part.

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