June 3, 2023

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Omar Owais contracted to produce the short story “6 Richter”

Omar Owais, a young writer who owns the story collection “6 Richter”, was contracted with producer Mohammad Murat to produce all 12 of the group’s stories.

Writer Omar Owais said he was happy to collaborate with My Production to turn his fiction into a film and television series with a theoretical touch.

Omar added, “I started writing the collection” Richter 6 “in 2013, which was released in three editions in 2016 and won first place in the Creativity Award for Story.
The finale to my latest novel, The King of Pigs.

Omar reveals the scenes of the deal with producer Mohammed Murad: The pure coincidence behind the deal, young director Murad Murad was excited to turn the short story collection into films, especially the long main story, which has the same title as the “6 Richter” group, where he studied it when Murad Al-Zakir was in high school. Enjoyed reading it, and many more years have passed, and Murad Murad decides to make his directorial debut with “6” as Richter. “So he searched Al-Masri Publishing and contacted the owner of the house, Yusuf Al-Masri, until I could bring the stories to light soon.

Omar concluded his speech: I will not reveal the details of the story, but in general, it revolves around the devil’s attempt to repent through a wonderful imaginary human experience. I hope it attracts the audience, this time not the readers, but the audience.

The young writer Omar Owais is said to have been praised by the best writers: the novelist Essam Youssef, because he is a talented writer and has a serious vision, joins the book “Omar” in Egypt. According to screenwriter Amr Sameer Ateb, he described his stories as a worthy read group and “Umar’s” talent declares itself strongly, perhaps over six Richter.

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