June 7, 2023

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One study reached the closest point to the Sun at 532,000 km / h

One study reached the closest point to the Sun at 532,000 km / h

Yesterday, Tuesday, the American “NASA” launched a study called Parker in mid-2018 to study the sun for 7 years. Remember.

It will be more accessible in December 2024 because it will be between 6 million and 100,000 kilometers, while its speed will reach 190 kilometers per second or 11,400 per minute, and 690,000 kilometers per hour. Reach the moon and return to Earth within an hour. Foot area, a speed never achieved by any man-made tool. In the video provided, you can see more about the study we were able to record last year.

From that point very close to the sun, Parker would study the physics of the corona, from the area where the activities that hit the earth lead to hot solar winds. It will sink into that volatile atmosphere and collect samples from the sun’s “surface,” said Dr. John Hopkins, a project scientist at the Applied Physics Laboratory. Says Nicky Fox. Near a meter. Then Parker will be 4 cm closer to it. “Moving quickly,” she said, “within a minute from New York to Tokyo.”

The sun, considered a complex and mysterious star, is a huge ball of hydrogen and helium that we see every day. It determined the dynamics of the magnetic field of the solar corona, how the solar corona and air were heated and accelerated, and the processes that accelerated energetic particles. It also collects data about the sun’s environment and its famous wind.

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