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“Omicron” puzzles scientists .. 3 hypotheses to explain its origin


பிறழ்ந்த பரவல் “Omigron“A South Africa First, the new mutant spread quickly Corona virus Worldwide, faster than previous virus strains.

According to the journal Nature:OmigronIt is currently available in more than 120 countries around the world.

However, scientists are still confused: where did Omigron come from?

Chronic infection

The first hypothesis is that there is something like a municipal incubator, a chronic infection, which gives the virus its ability to bypass the immune system.

Scientists say they have noticed that people with weakened immune systems have chronic infections, so the virus cannot be easily eliminated from their body, which in practice leads to mutations in the virus, especially when the virus multiplies in his body, and then this person spends a period of time among people to find out.

Deer and cats

Other researchers believe that Omigron may have come from one animal, especially since many mutations in this strain are found in other animals.

In their view, they rely on the fact that after the corona virus has spread from animals to humans, a period of rapid development has not passed. ChinaBut researchers here need to find omegran particles in animals that have not yet been made, and scientists say the matter has been largely ignored.

Since the outbreak of the corona crisis, doctors have been searching for 2,000 genes taken from other animals, such as cats and deer.


Another hypothesis is that “Omigran” did not first appear in humans, but rather spread to other animals, such as wildlife and hippos, and then to other animals.

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Cell-based studies have found that, unlike previous mutants, the spike protein in Omigran is similar to the protein found in turkeys and mice.

Experts say laboratory tests have shown a number of mutations in the virus that are suitable for rodents.

Thus, the corona virus may have acquired mutations that allowed it to reach mice, and then returned to humans, and the presence of the corona in rodents opens up a way to explore new-scale mutations and the formation of viral ghosts. One knows nothing.

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