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Emirates News Agency – Expo 2020 celebrates “Inca” civilization in the style of folk cuisine in Dubai


Dubai, 29 January / WAM / Expo 2020 The Republican Pavilion, located in Mobility Square in Dubai, celebrates the famous culture of South America by discovering the design of the pavilion inspired by traditional dress. The weaver is a fabric of “Peruvian clothing” known to artisans, who impresses visitors with scenes of Inca history and civilization, one of the most important civilizations that provided a cultural heritage, traces of which still exist today.

The visitor will discover through the displayed artifacts; The Peruvian community is rich in handicrafts, and artisans excelled in the pottery, hunting, weaving, and gold and silver industries, with a diversity that contributed to the development of the Peruvian economy.

The Peru Pavilion also presents the concept of “timeless Peru”, which seeks to connect the present with the future and builds bridges between the magnificent Mozica civilization and the world.

Through Expo 2020 Dubai, it was an opportunity for visitors to discover the history of Peruvian cuisine in an educational way, to experience the finest experimental culinary arts, the Peruvian Pavilion offers master cooking classes with chefs from across the country, and Roger – four of Arequipa’s most popularly known as UNESCO’s Taste Creative Foods Unique experience of courses.

The “Sofia Sangende” and “Pablo Orida” in the Pavilion group provided the best tourist attractions and the best models and cultural products from different parts of Peru with different experience, allowing for the possibility of emotional immersion in many tourist sites. The landscape, especially the Amazon rainforest, shows the world of Peru – through audio-visual – with various aspects of art and cultural life, as well as various scenes of agriculture, marine, animal and plant life.

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The pavilion reviewed the country’s rich biodiversity, as it contains rare and wonderful animals such as the woolly yellow-tailed monkey and the Andean bear known as the “Abu Glass” bear in the Peruvian Andean region. The largest carnivorous animal, as well as a wide variety of parrots and snakes, especially anacondas. .

The cloud forest is rich in unparalleled ecological diversity, where agricultural crops such as cocoa and coffee differ in their quality, and the cinnamon tree is a natural source for rubber production in synthetic leather and rubber production. In addition to shoes, pineapple skins made of pineapple leaves.

The Expo Dubai’s Peruvian Pavilion allowed visitors to view copies of Lord Siphon’s jewelry, entitled “Mochicas .. Masters of the Dessert”, created by artisans in the Lambayaki area, and to display and enhance the archeological heritage of northern Peru. Considered one of the most important archaeological discoveries of the 20th century, it aims to enhance the wealth found in the tomb of Lord Chippen, along with valuable information and lifelong representations of Mochica’s elite culture.

After getting acquainted with the strange stories and rituals of the ancestors in Peru, at the end of the tour you will find embroidered hats of all shapes and colors, each with different uses for the occasion.

The World Travel Awards 2021, held in South America as the world’s leading culinary destination for 2021, the world’s leading cultural destination and the world’s leading tourist destination for 2021, has won three major awards. : Machu Picchu.

WAM / Muhammad Jaballah / Islam Al-Hussein

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