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On his birthday.. Tawfiq al-Daghan is exceptionally talented in performing evil and jokes

The artist is considered Tawfiq al-Taqin One of the most important artistic faces of the Beaux-Arts era, and throughout his artistic career he achieved great success in cinema or television and radio dramas and dramas; To become one of the exceptional talents in the history of Arab art.

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An artist is born Tawfiq al-Taqin On this day, May 3, 1923, in the village of Horin in the heart of Berket el-Sabah, Menofia Governorate, he loved art from his childhood; So he enrolled in the Higher Institute of Dramatic Arts and began his first artistic activities while still a student at the institution from which he graduated in 1950.
Before becoming a specialist in the art field, the artist worked in several jobs, including as a railway employee and as a clerk of offenses at the Criminal Prosecution Office in Minya. Later he decided to be interested only in art and its professionalism.

An exceptional talent that succeeds in simulating good and bad

Collaboration of artists Tawfiq al-Taqin During his artistic career with the best artists and directors of his generation, he contributed by participating in many cinema films during the seventies and eighties to support the new generation of artists.
The most important thing that distinguished the artist was his success in embodying different personalities. He shined in presenting characters in movies and comedy; Until he reached the classification of comedians, and he succeeded in executing evil roles. To be classified as one of the villains of Egyptian cinema, there are very few artists who have rivaled him in the field of art.
Throughout his artistic career, he presented Tawfiq al-Taqin About 400 works of art, cinema, television and radio dramas and dramas and 12 films with his participation were selected by critics in 1996 in the list of 100 best films in memory of Egyptian cinema.
And the artist left our world on November 26, 1988, at the age of 65, after an artistic journey spanning forty years, during which he succeeded in inscribing his name in the history and memory of Arab art.
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