June 2, 2023

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On the anniversary of the occupation of Baghdad..Raqat Saddam Hussein attacks the “sick parties” who accompanied the occupier.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) — Former Iraqi President Saddam Hussein’s daughter Raqat attacked what she described as “sick parties” and exalted the “occupier” in a statement marking the 20th anniversary of the occupation. Baghdad, the capital of Iraq, on April 9, 2003.

The audio statement was released by Rakhat Saddam Hussein on his official Twitter page, where he said: “Heroic Iraqis, today we pass the twentieth anniversary of the invasion of Iraq. Many of Iraq’s children and youth are illiterate. They submit to the sick parties in the presence of the occupier, and even give them the support of the occupier.

And he continued: “That was the phase that destroyed Iraq and the Arab region as well, various extremist parties infiltrated the region under many names. Today, they are forced to mention the achievements of the Iraqi National Government led by the martyred president. Before 2003, Saddam Hussein preserved the dignity and security of Iraqis in the hands of an occupier. .” Or because of greed, Iraq has realized today who the real enemies of Iraq are on the street.

And he added: “Oh, heroic Iraqis, true Iraqi people, I will not give up my role as long as I live. After trusting in God Almighty, my goal will be with you to make Iraq a better and more beautiful state. Befitting it and its history. Always yours.. “

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