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On the centenary of Mrs. Shama .. Two candles lit by science and art in Algeria | Glass


Algeria- A woman mourned by men in front of women. At her death, Algerian writer Mohammed Hassan Fatla said:

Cover the sun with Brehan Wars

The symbol of the flag she had yesterday

Respect her with the scent of forgiveness and forgive her

To the tomb of a bride without marriage

Female fighter

A woman who was in the army during the French occupation of Algeria, as Shama Boufji or as everyone calls her “The Lady”, she fought for the independence of her country and stood like a wall in the face of the French army. Whose executioners avenged her body and incinerated it into their cigarettes.

Shama was born on March 13, 1922, in Bordj Bou Arreridj, eastern Algeria, in the spring of 1922. His father, Mohammed, emigrated to Algiers. And knowledge.

Shama attended the Islamic Youth School, which was run by Sheikh al-Tayeb al-Uqbi and was a student of the writer Muhammad al-Eid al-Khalifa, until his father decided to keep her at home with his sister Qadra. Invite Shabiba School teachers to tell you at home.

Lisan Shama was fluent in Arabic and French, memorized the entire Holy Quran at an early age, and used his knowledge as one of the weapons against “ignorance” of the French propaganda during the Algerian occupation.

Riyadh bin Mahdi, President and Writer of the Shama Association for Culture, describes the stages of Al Jazeera’s life.

Women of the Renaissance

Soon after the independence of her country in 1962, this young woman worked with many women activists and intellectuals to establish the Algerian Women’s Association, in the context of volunteering and the search for a genuine feminist renaissance.

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Shama began educating women in the post-independence city of Al-Burj. In addition to reading and writing, she oversaw the education, education and training of women in the textile and culinary fields.

Riyadh bin Mahdi says, “He would go to the villages and al-Madashar (small remote villages) where there were no schools, so he accepted the responsibility of financing and educating women after graduation, so those who did not leave the woman after marriage, including theirs. Ensuring accommodation at home. “

Shama spearheaded massive campaigns for afforestation and confronted desertification. The machines of civil society in his country at that time.

Shama’s tomb in which he wrote lamentable verses for his disappearance (Al-Jazeera)

Girl to her face

Dr. who is a researcher on the history and flags of Algeria. Ahmed Creek Hussein told Al Jazeera that “Mrs. Shama was surrounded by praise and admiration and enjoyed a valuable social status and was subject to the advice of all.

A woman who combined the strength of a militant with the tenderness of an art and drama enthusiast, she was interested in spreading awareness about music and literature. , Syria, Egypt and Jordan.

Riyadh bin Mahdi, president of the Shama Association for Culture, Heritage and Tourism in the Zamora region north of Portz Po Arridge, describes the visit of Azhari Sheikh Mohammed Medwali al-Sharwi to the woman’s home in the 1970s. . Its men and women. “

Bin Mahdi mentions that Sheikh al-Taher Aid Iljad (born 1917) described her as “the same jihadists, he fought in the Great Liberation Revolution and in independent Algeria”.

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Dr. Arabi Kashat said, “I first came to know the German Orientalist teacher Sikrit Hanke through the Mujahideen and the scholar Shama Bufji.” She is a woman open to cultures who have a place of her own with everyone she meets.

She is a million women … She has been lying under the soil of her city since May 1987 but she is still alive. Today, Algerians celebrate his birthday just like they celebrate the jasmine flower every year.

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